A graphic film of natural violence. 
November 2018
Birch Point State Beach, Maine

Jesus comes down from Rollo Bank's cross 
to fly around the room in Tucson, Arizona in the Fall of 2017.

A short film about searching for God's Ghost 
one afternoon in the Fall of 2017 along the High Road to Taos. 

A cover of Ween's Piss Up a Rope with the inimitable Laura Tams 
for the Awkward Covers Night at the Honey Moon Meadery 
in Bellingham, Washington - March 2016

Geronimo Flag in Monument Valley - Fall of 2015

Driving down Hwy 380, pulled over to read about the Trinity Site. 
Oppressive, malevolent atmosphere. 
Thousands of flies.  

An afternoon at the FringeWare Store, 
sometime in the mid-1990s,
explaining football coaching techniques 
to Wiley Wiggins while Vincent O'Brien filmed. 

Video by M. Dimick