A flatworm covered in fur and horns

an apartment in new york
with an friend who teaches classics
from the last bar I worked at
we called him brandy
or brandies...
there was a hidden room
behind a brick wall
that you could move 
there was a computer in there
that the friend was using
we were talking about architecture
about how to build a house
and we kept saying,
"we need to make a ladder
up to the frog house"
a latent fear
around the house
as we were talking
about the ladder
then it shifted
 my ex-wife and I were bartenders on a ship
a former boss was the captain
I was the architect of the ship

Later Fragment: 

in a car on counrty roads
my stepfather is driving
he is distracted from the road
this is worrying me
we drive slowly by
what I believe at first to be an elk
than it mutates in to a four legged creature
with a huge amorphous flat head
it is following behind
not malevolently at first
but more so as time goes on
the head is changing shape
looks like a planaria
a flatworm covered in fur and horns
far too big for the horse body
i feel fear starting rise within me
the creature senses this
starts running towards the car
my stepfather is still distracted
not trying to get away