A realization of powers I didn't know I possessed

in Austin
near the corner of Guadalupe and MLK
the bank that was there
was torn down
a world war 1
trench style field
was all that remained
I am running with VP
she is leading
it is night
she is calling me to keep up
we jump into a trench
there is a girl there
crack addict goth
VP has a meth pipe
I am surprised
she never smoked meth or crack
she is smoking
long white tubes of crack
the goth crack girl
is watching hungrily
but she's been paid
I am waiting for my turn
VP passes the hot pipe to me
tells me to do a second hit
but I want the first hit
off a cool pipe
she brings up another pipe
and then loads up
the white stringlike crack
and smokes it herself
my pipe is still too hot to hit
she hits hers a second time
I am getting angry and frustrated

the scene shits
still in the same bombed out lot
but in a room
laying in a bed
perhaps hiding
of squatting
not wanting attention
next to a garage
there is a large portion of the wall
that has fallen away
a car pulls up
I see the door open
legs stand next to the opening
then walk away
the car pulls away
now there is a face
in the distance
a face that was hiding in the rubble
it is distorted
similar to Pennywise the clown
but without make-up
the figure is on all fours
and moves oddly
like a crab
it sees me watching it
rapidly moves to the opening
I tell it to not come inside
it teases me
threatening to come in
there is a sick lion with it
walking around like a hungry dog
but clearly it is sick
and another man
sort of a zombie stooge
I swing the broken handle of a broom
at the taunting figure
it leaps away
but I know now I will have to kill
the lion the stooge and the clown
there is a broken slab of concrete
with rebar sticking out of it
I jump out of the room
and hit the sick lion
then lift it up onto the rebar
impaling it
then turn quickly
and slam the stooge
who is now also the clown
into the rebar also
impaling him
there is a sense of relief
but also a realization
of powers I didn't know I possessed