All the thousand things you have to do

working in a bar
a bartender from the replacement bar
was also working there
also people from the old bar
my ex-wife was there as a customer
people standing in long lines
at one point a guy named Seaman entered
the crowd reacting
like a sitcom entrance
he went around to a stage
there was a podium
someone was giving him an award
he and I were behind the podium
a guy in front of us was blatantly
making fun of his face
this reminded me
that I had a dream about him
I had also seen his name in the paper
the day before in another dream
in this dream
two girls were fighting over us
then I found their diary
where it said it was all fake
as I was reading their diary
the dream dissolved
and there
as I was telling him about this
I had another book describing
exactly what I was saying
there was a shimmering
then a huge rush of people came in
I ran downstairs to the restaurant
and saw that no one was prepared
the sister of an ex-fiancee was
working as a waitress
a bar was down there also
I was trying to get them ready for the rush
a cook burned some food
asked if he should serve it
told him no
told a waitress to take it out
to the trash through the kitchen
she whined
are you serious
I thought to myself
I should say
you're fired
but instead
I said
I doubted
she actually would
I thought about
all the thousand things you have to do
to run a good bar
I thought about how hard I was working
at the replacement bar
before everything got messed up
what a good job
everyone thought
I was doing
but then
I thought
I really wasn't
because of the drugs
it had just seemed that way
to me