En ta smeale tha succuh

at a dinner table
my last girlfriend
her son
and her ex-husband
some others
dream people
there is a raccoon skin
on the wall outside
her son is reading
a book about raccoons
with his father
reading out loud
about their smell
call succour
smells like sweet excrement
I am talking in a southern accent
to his mother
telling her
huh suhn could nawt wait
to ress his pretty lil heead
on thaat theuh coon skin
en ta smeale tha succuh
that wuz whad ah had got
awn ma own hand when
ah had got bit by won o dem
juss lil while ago


my sister tells me
she has found out she can do a trick
she holds one hand in the light
someone out of sight adds
a dangling light
my sister corrects herself
I hold one hand in the dangling light
and in the other I hold a receipt
that is on fire
as soon as I put the one hand
into the dangling light
the receipt on fire
goes out