I had dreamed I was a Holy Man

an elementary school classroom
back of the room
windows open
summer day
a lot of friends
from various parts of my life
we are all there
to listen
to learn something important
a promoter is standing
near us in the back
we are waiting for the teacher
to appear in front of the class
the room turns around
now we are in front
laying on rugs and mats
other teachers are around me
arguing and delivering lectures
an ex-fiancee was there
as a young girl
people are engaged in sex
all around me
I felt as if my being
was suffused with light
like when I was on LSD
more that I was aware
that I was in a dream
dreaming in a dream
students were coming up to me
asking me about
what I believed
the promoter gestured
with a nod
to the others around me
he's the real thing
one of my most recent bosses showed up
to see what was going on
there was an old part of me
for an instant
wondered about shame
but that was quickly overwhelmed
with love
we all moved away
from the classroom and the school
I talked to
a lot of people
made a journey back
to the school
was talking as I walked
about how I previously walked
a pilgrimage route twice
carried a walking stick
across my shoulders
my hands hanging over the ends
I arrived back
at the school
where the school was
there was now a quarry
beautiful now
surrounded by trees
I realized
I had dreamed
I was a Holy Man


with a close friend from my youth
went over to a Holy Woman's apartment
that was actually
a mirror image of
the apartment of my last girlfriend
the living room
was full of people watching
an important video
about religion and birth
I was wearing gym shorts
and a tight t-shirt
in the kitchen
there were many plastic bags
full of recently purchased groceries
to go sandwiches
fast foods
was told to eat
whatever I wanted
could overhear the Holy Woman
telling the others
who I was