I know they are coming up here to try to kill us

in an old house
with my mother
she is cleaning
the house is old and rotting
walls painted white
paint flaking
there are a lot of wasps outside
summer day hot
we are in the hall
she is poking around the wood
says she thinks the wasps
are in the walls
she pokes through the wall
wasps begin to pour out
we run into a bathroom
wasps flying all around
but not stinging us
we stuff towels under the door
still more wasps are getting in
they are inside
all of the walls of the house
poring out of vents and sinks
the entire house is a wasp nest

later with JM and my mother
strange house in a new city
old house on a hill
we are renovating it
JM leaves to get supplies
on a bicycle
returns quickly
says there are some weird people
camped out down the street
at the bottom of the hill
I go up onto a tower
overlooking the street
I can see them
they are watching me
yelling threats
I yell back
antagonizing them
I realize they are cannibals
my mother is upset
that I've antagonized them
I look for them
and they are gone
and I know they are coming up here
to try to kill us