In the blink of a dead dog's eye

was designing an ironic entry on Wikipedia
about relationships
Bruce Springsteen's Glory Days
playing in the background
took a photograph of a man on fire
holding a baby
play on madonna and child
in a large stadium or arena
music playing over loud speakers
glory days
they'll pass you by
glory days
in the blink of a dead dog's eye
thinking in dream
that's not the lyric
but that's funny
because a dead dog's eye
doesn't blink
noticing that the music was still playing
in the background 
as I was thinking
reminding me of the theta/beta brainwave
post that I am working on
my awareness of this
moving me out of the dream
the music now acting like
an internal alarm clock
I woke up to see if it was around the time
I had set the alarm for
I was 11 minutes early

note: the actual lyric is:
in the wink of a young girl's eye