Making me increasingly concerned

being pursued
escaping before
the find out we are gone
me and a friend
perhaps we committed a crime
stole something
from thieves
that's the sense of it
mountainous terrain
the interior of a volcano
a vast quarry
driving along a narrow road
cliff wall on the right
water on the left
navigating around
bike riders in a race
hairpin turns and twists
driving straight up the wall
hoping the car
doesn't fall backwards
we stop
believing we may have
outwitted them
some bicyclists
stop with us
saying nothing
staring at us
I push them
into the water
which is not deep
they do not resist
three of them
into the water
where they stand
slowly pulling out guns
my partner shoots them
we can no longer drive
the narrow path
begin to walk
with many bicycle riders
passing us
making me