She pulls her legs up like she is giving birth

at a party
big backyard
friendly people
similar to where I lived in the trailer
sunny afternoon
girl I used to know
says she wants to fuck me 
go to an abandonded trailer
she pulls up her skirt
no underwear
group of old men around us
all want to fuck her
I am angry
but the girl doesn't mind
lays down on a wooden table
we are now in an old barn
she pulls her legs up like she is giving birth
I try to get her out of there
she is mad at me
her child is wandering around outside
other guys from the party
keep coming up to me
standing too close
getting in my face
the girl is letting everyone look at her
but no one is fucking her
I step outside of the barn
see some friends from the old bar
sitting up on the porch
I wonder if they have seen me
and the girl together
if I will be responsible for her sluttiness
but I know that they do
and I know that I will