This is not the dream that I wanted to remember

bodybuilders or wrestlers ironing
in a auditorium
all of us waiting for something to begin
I am sitting in the back
maybe the balcony
red plush seats
an annoying woman from the old bar
is sitting a couple of rows in front of me
I don't want to talk to her
the wife of a friend who has cancer
comes in and sits in the row in front of me
between the annoying woman and myself
I can overhear their conversations
the annoying woman says
what should we get to eat
the wife says
I don't have much money
the annoying woman replies sarcastically
in that case we should all just move to vietnam
and save lots of money on food
a girl that is into hard rock comes in
sits next to the wife
she has a mullet
morphs into a guy
down in front of us
another guy with the same style mullet
is walking down the aisle
I say
there's your boyfriend
then I realize that they are twins
he tells me
he's gay
I say
I didn't know
everyone is there to sell their book
I realize that because of modern production methods
Penguin now has the cheapest catalog of books
in the world
then I think
this is not the dream that I wanted to remember
there was one before this one
that was more important
it had all of these people in it
as major charcters 
not spectators in the audience
sense that all of us are waiting to watch
that dream begin again
like a movie up on the screen
I realize it is up to me to remember it
but I can only remember this dream
of waiting in the auditorium
with this annoying woman in the seats in front of me
talking about nothing