I figure it might be interesting if, in addition to nightly dreams, I document the merging of certain vectors: lines of separate meaning that suddenly intersect - sometimes back into themselves as uroboros. The usual term for this is synchronicity, defined by Jung as "meaningful coincidence." To my way of thinking, this discounts the effects of intentionality, particular illuminations of discrete arenas/circles of awareness. Overlap may seem merely coincidence or just contingent, but there is meaningful connection, albeit beneath the surface. Events like the peaks of mountains above the clouds. 

Curiously, both of these were initiated though research on The Shaving Mug Review. 

- A shaving mug with the slightly erotic image of a female barber :: the colored etching from 1787 of the woman with a razor to the man's throat :: Samson and Delilah in the background of the etching :: Samson's strength originating in a vow (logos) to God, symbolized through his hair :: Delilah cuts his hair, indicating that he has broken his vow to God :: Havilah Rand email about her album Delilah's Gold which shows her on the bar at the Horseshoe Cafe here in Bellingham 

- Fraternal shaving mugs :: JLT gives me the book, Fraternally Yours which gives short histories of many secret societies, fraternities and lodges related to Fraternal Shaving Mugs :: read in particular about the Independent Order of the Odd Fellows :: reading Utopias on Puget Sound about the Equality Colony :: the BCC leased the building for their headquarters in Edison from the Independent Order of the Odd Fellows (pp. 66)

- Additional vectors for the rough span of 30 years straddling the end of the 19th century: 1885 to 1915 :: LeWarne's Utopias on Puget Sound - 1885 to 1915 :: Tuchman's Proud Tower: A Portrait of the World Before the War, 1890 - 1914 :: Steiner's "imagined garden of liberal culture" from In Bluebeard's Castle:

"Our sensibility locates that garden in England and western Europe between ca. the 1820s and 1915. The initial date has a conventional indistinction, but the end of the long summer is apocalyptically exact. The main features of the landscape are unmistakable. A high and gaining literacy. The rule of law. A doubtless imperfect yet actively spreading use of representative forms of government. Privacy at home and an ever-increasing measure of safety in the streets. An unforced recognition of the focal economic and civilizing role of the arts, the sciences, and technology. The achievement, occasionally marred but steadily pursued, of peaceful coexistence between nation states (as, in fact obtained, with sporadic exceptions, from Waterloo to the Somme). A dynamic, humanely regulated interplay between social mobility and stable lines of force and custom in the community. A norm of dominance, albeit tempered by conventional insurgence between generations, between fathers and sons. Sexual enlightenment, yet a strong, subtle pivot of agreed restraint. I could go on. The list can be easily extended and detailed. My point is that it makes for a rich and controlling image, for a symbolic structure that presses, with the insistence of active mythology, on our current condition of feeling."