Who had better helicopters

my ex-wife and I are drinking
in a house similar to the Princess house
where I grew up
a helicopter dropped us off from some other worksite of hers
we are drinking a chocolate liquor-beer that I don't like
she pours hers onto the table out of a wide mouthed jar
looks like two balls of syrupy chocolate
scoops it into a cup
pours more juice over it
I don't care for it
she keeps trying to refill my glass
she finds half-full glasses all around the house
a co-worker and ex-lover call and want to come over
I feel some resentment at this
but say nothing
she is happy they are coming over
tells me they are coming via helicopter
I am concerned
since she and I had just arrived by helicopter
the neighbor's would get upset
one was working at a gig with Martha Stewart
I hear the helicopter landing in front yard
I hear it take off
he shows up at the door
tells her that Martha Stewart got him the best copter
to one-up her employer
a lot of banter between them about
who had better helicopters