With no comprehension of why he is here

jerry and I in a hospital world
but vast huge spaces
crowds of people
something of the university
he needs help still
but it allowed a lot of autonomy
most of the people
are not paying attention to him
this worries me
every one else has a model
that they are working on
similar to those kits
I had as a kid
plane and cars and monsters
that redolent glue
we are waiting in line
to ask for a model
a group of young girls
are also there
talking and butting in front of us
jerry is already defeated
I tell them we were here first
they laugh and mock me
laugh at jerry and mock him
I can see this upsets him
fuck it
we don't need the model
the girls are still laughing at us
as I walk away
we go outside
it is lightly raining
streets with puddles
I am on a motorcycle
Jerry is running to keep up
I realize this is crazy
and tell him to get on back
then he has his own car
I tell him he need to park
and ride with me
he pulls into a space
in front of a closed bank
his car has an awkward convertible top
he is trying to pull it up
a woman in the car next to him
gets out and walks
right through the middle
of the convertible top
jerry had to wait for her to pass
I am angry at how inconsiderate she is
but say nothing
there's no use
it is all sad and useless
jerry manages to halfway pull
the contraption over his car
I realize he probably
will never drive a car again
and he stands there
in the rain
looking at me
with no comprehension
of why he is here