Roob’s Alchemy and Mysticism - source


1. Straight Tip to All Cross Coves - Francois Villon, translated by William Henley
2. Jabberwocky - Lewis Carroll
3. Funeral Blues - W. H. Auden
4. Second Coming - W. B. Yeats
5. Bright Star - J. Keats
6. And Death Shall Have No Dominion - Dylan Thomas
7. Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night - Dylan Thomas
8. Non Sum Qualis Eram Bonae Sub Regno Cynarae - E. Dowson
9. To Be Or Not To Be - Shakespeare
10. The Congo - Vachel Lindsay
11. The Windhover - G. M. Hopkins
12. Sonnet XIX - Shakespeare
13. Sonnets to Orpheus II, 29 - Rilke
14. Sonnet XXX - Shakespeare
15. Buddha in Glory - Rilke
16. Sonnet CXXX - Shakespeare
17. Find Meat on Bones - Dylan Thomas
18. Sonnet CXLVII  - Shakespeare
19. Anecdote of a Jar - W. Stevens
20. Richard Cory - E. A. Robinson
21. Three Old Hermits - Yeats
22. In the Desert - Crane
23. Musee de Beaux Arts - Auden
24. Drinking Song - Yeats
25. Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening - Frost
26. Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow - Shakespeare
27. Now is the Winter of Our Discontent - Shakespeare
28. Kubla Kahn - Coleridge
29. The Raven - Poe
30. Tyger Tyger Burning Bright - Blake
31. Ozymandius - Shelly
32. Death Be Not Proud - Donne
33. Because I Could Not Stop For Death - Dickinson
34. To His Coy Mistress - Marvell
35. London - Blake
36. Composed Upon Westminster Bridge - Wordsworth
37. Little Viennese Waltz - Lorca
38. Albatross - Baudelaire
39. Our revels now are ended - Shakespeare
40. Evening Harmony - Baudelaire
41. O Fortuna
42. Pater Noster
43. Sonnet XXIX - Shakespeare
44. God's Grandeur - Hopkins
45. Nocturne: Nothing is Heard - Villaurutia
46. Carrion Comfort - Hopkins
47. Tempest I 2 - Shakespeare
48. Richard II 3:2 - Shakespeare
49. Sonnets to Orpheus 1 - Rilke
50. Burning Inside - Carmina Burana - Orff
51. Todesfuge - Celan
52. Mythistorema 3 - Seferis
53. Rime of the Ancient Mariner - Coleridge
54. Ode on Melancholy - Keats
55. Ode to a Nightingale - Keats
65. A Dirge by John Webster

At the Lake in East Texas, in front of the Memory Cathedral. I walk under a SCAFFOLDING, past a DRAGON curled close to a woodpile in the breezeway. There is an AIRPLANE in the sky, circling around the SPHINX. Above this is a single bright STAR. To the right is a field of DAISIES where a naked nun is PRAYING. She walks over and gives me a KISS. I give her a SKULL which she places in a BARREL. A FALCON grabs the skull out of the barrel and drops it into an enormous HOURGLASS where is it the size of a grain of sand. As each skull falls, a BELL rings, awakening Marcel Proust from this reverie over a COOKIE. He is looking at the BUDDHA, who opens his hand to reveal the SUN, which infolds into a ROSE. I slide a THERMOMETER out of the center of the ROSE and place it into a JAR. A BULLET falls out of the rose. I throw the bullet in the air and it becomes a BIRD, which transforms into a HEART with wings, which lands on the rear of a HORSE, startling it so much that one of its EYEs pops out and turns into the SNOWglobe from Citizen Kane. Inside the little cabin in the globe is a CANDLE. A DOG is startled by the sound of a woman suddenly playing a DULCIMER and barks at the candle blowing it out. The absolute night becomes a RAVEN which perches on the back of a TIGER. The tiger walks slowly past a vast pair of trunkless LEGS in the desert and into a field of POPPIES where it climbs into a CARRIAGE. The carriage rolls forward crushing a WORM under its wheel. A TEAR falls from the worm's eye into a RIVER which widens into a SEA. Above the sea, an ALBATROSS is flying around the GLOBE, upon which sits a blindfolded woman playing a VIOLIN. Behind her is the WHEEL of fortune. Beside this Jean Valjean eats a loaf of BREAD. He is standing next to a GATE. On the other side of the gate is his GHOST staring into a MIRROR. The ghost sees a world of BONES in reflection. This vision makes his eyes become PEARLS and it knows it is now the KING of the TEMPLE of FLESH. He rests his head in his Queen's lap where he suckles MILK from her breasts. The head turns to MARBLE and is atop at statue of the Ancient MARINER which stands beneath a vine laden with melancholy grapes in a vineyard where Keats' NIGHTINGALE sings.