Currency Détournements by Charles B. Jones - Curated by Scot Casey
Black Drop Coffee House
December Artist of the Month

12 Currency Détournements form the Charles B. Jones Digital Archive - Curated by Scot Casey - will be on display at the Black Drop Coffee House for the month of December. Towards the end of his life, Jones was fascinated by the idea of détournements. He described these as “appropriations of established images and symbols of authenticity re-purposed for play - especially, philosophical play.”

Completed in the mid-1990s, these currency détournements represent some of the earliest, but most sophisticated, works in the Digital Archives. Unlike the Stamp Series, these were never meant to be used as any form of currency, but to function as a form of agit-prop - perhaps even as stand-alone works of art. This is the first public exhibition of these works.

Bureau Of Historical Investigation

Osteology: Photographs by Scot Casey

The Bureau of Historical Investigation
Friday, February 6th at 7:00 pm

217 West Holly Street, Bellingham, WA 98225
(360) 305-3172

New Osteological Photographs by Scot Casey. A photographic exploration of the stark beauty of bones and skulls, this series seeks to find the equation where the bone is aesthetically equivalent to the rose. Imagine photos from a curiosity cabinet in the Mutter Museum.

Also, ONLY ON FRIDAY, there will be a sale of all prints from previous shows, mounted and otherwise, framed images, letterpress broadsides and larger works.

FEBRUARY 2015 - Red / Pink Show 

Mystery of Bones
Mixed Media Assemblage

DECEMBER 2014 - The Parable of the Cow's Head
Alley Behind Albertson's

NOVEMBER & DECEMBER 2014 - 20 Stamp Detournments
Casa Que Pasa

I am happy to announce that 20 Never before exhibited works from Charles "Bonesy" Jones will be on display at Casa Que Pasa for the months of October and November. 

Jones subtly "re-interpreted" stamps from around the world to convey his unique message that "Bones Are Truth," contextualizing each piece with an often ironic poetic message. 

Don't miss this rare opportunity to view the works of this idiosyncratic and unusual artist. 

I will have prints (a few rare signed and numbered ones) and postcards for sale during Art Walk on Friday, October 3rd starting at 7 p.m..

There will also be additional information about the extraordinary life of B. Jones. 

NOVEMBER 2014 - Monsters Show

Work on display at Mellis Photography next to Jinx/Make.Shift

MARCH 2012
The Lost Drawings of Charles "Bonesy" Jones
Black Drop Coffee House

The Lost Drawings of Charles “Bonesy” Jones at the Black Drop
Coffeehouse through the month of March 2012

Two series of drawings by Charles Jones previously believed to be lost or destroyed are now on display at the Black Drop Coffeehouse through the month of March. The first series, 10 Images of Incarnation, adapt iconic sacred images from around the world in the idiosyncratic style typical of Jones. The second series, 10 Interpretations of the Ox
Herding Sequence, offer a unique and dynamic insight into Jones' re-presentation of the well known Zen Buddhist drawings.

More detail below:

In 2008, three years after the death of Charles Jones,  a student working on her doctoral dissertation at Steiner College was cataloging his correspondence from the 1990s when she noted that many of the letters from 1994 included copies of drawings that Jones had been working on. After some further research, she found there were two
specific series that he kept mentioning: The 10 Images of Incarnation and The 10 Interpretations of the Ox Herding Sequence. Of each of these, only poor copy and sketches were included in the correspondence. No one had ever seen the originals.

Jones had a somewhat nomadic life, never settling down in any one place for long. Being an exceptionally prolific artist, he often left boxes and trunks full of his work at various locations. After some tracking, seven boxes were found at the 53rd Street Hermitage in Austin, Texas - where Jones had lived for a short time in 1994. Amongst these, were two boxes full of miscellaneous drawings - including the two series mentioned in the correspondence. However, all of the boxes had been stored in an open garage and the contents had suffered severe damage.

The papers were taken to the Steiner Archives where they underwent extensive restoration procedures. Many of the papers and drawings were too damaged to save. However, the two series of drawings previously mentioned were restored to fair copy. At this point, they were transferred to digital files. Consequently, due to the fact that I am
the custodian of the Charles Jones Digital Archive, I was notified of their existence and given license to exhibit them here for the first time to the public.

The two series of drawings are further testament to the extraordinary talent of Charles “Bonesy” Jones. I am honored and delighted to be able to present them here - even in their degraded form. And I must express my gratitude and deep respect for the talented archivists at Steiner College for the outstanding job they did. These drawing are a
great contribution to the enduring legacy of Charles Jones.

MARCH 2011
23 Stamp Detournements by Charles "Bonesy" Jones
Black Drop Coffee House