Dance Me Down to the Bone

So when I die bury me deep
Water my grave with your tears
If you’re holding a rose, let it fall
In memory of all our lost years

Cover me in the sweet sweet earth
Let my face take root in the ground
And in my Dream of Death, let Silence reign forth
In a Kingdom of no sound.

***O Death, Death
Dance me down to the Bone

There is a cantina deep underground
Where all the Lost Souls drink
Trying to forget the memory of pain
Trying to not even think

There’s a woman there with snakes in her hair
Seducing us all with a dance
Some try to cry some still try to die
Most never have any chance   ***

There’s a fire in my brain about to drive me insane
I feel my skin is slipping away
I take a bottle from the Desert and a drink from the Sky
How’s I ever end up in this place?

I try to drink and can’t get drunk
Think these thoughts that can’t get thunk
I want to scream and I only sigh
I guess this is what happens when you die   ***

The Singer says it is was a World full of tears
Everyone still full of pain and fears
And now all of that is going to disappear
And leave nothing but Desire

The Snake rattles out the Rhythm of the Bones
And the Woman sings in cries and moans
I would give anything to get back home
And remember who I am   ***

The Band plays on the same tired song
Seems like I’ve heard it for a hundred years
And every whispered word sounds like a curse
These skulls can’t cry any tears

When I die I pray my memory
Will never forget your face
And even when my bones are turned to dust and stone
They’ll be whispering your name  ***

24 December 2014