I Dream of You In Silent Landscapes

I dream of you
in silent landscapes,
behind blue
chinese mountains,
underneath rivers
of empty space,
in the distant
ends of the horizon.

I keep falling,
I keep dreaming...
Your mouth relaxing
as you are sleepiing.
Your hands folding
into tight blue fists.
And the words you whisper
that I can’t understand.

I see you in time,
ages from now,
bones like snow,
skull like a mountain.
I see you in time,
like fire,
burning my memory,
still beautiful,
still and beautiful.

I know that there is
the question of the lightning.
I know the answer is
beyond experiencing and knowing.
But I still want it.
And this desire, this dreaming,
forms its own answer.

I am dreaming
a poem, a prayer, an allegory
of your hand reaching out
of blue silent shadows,
reaching out into my dream
and gently caressing my skull
with the answer of lightning.

September 2004