Kingdoms Underneath the Shine by B. Jones

The kingdoms underneath
The shine of an ivory tusk,
Carved out glyphs marking
The elephant's sad song,
In my hand,
Found in a glacier
In southern Canada.

Elephants? I'm told
That I'm mistaken
Wholy mammoths,
Holy wully mammoths,
All aching in my bones,
I'm smiling under the shine
Of such nostalgic polishing.

Lost within a sort of bone
Ivory diorama being
Carved into a white rose
In my mind,
In my memory,
In my hand,
In fluid time.

Riding the Holy Mammoth
Back into the bone,
To the place of dying,
Back into the bone,
Frozen in a glacier,
My hand holding a bone
That was once a Holy Mammoth.

Closing my sleepless eyes
Upon the kingdoms in the bone,
Ivory carved roses
Disclosing the scent of god
Deep down unfolding
This sweet dream of awakening
In the marrow of my bones.