Light Among the Ruins After Dark


Reading over older writings, from 2007, stumbled upon this from Sebald:

No one knew where the homeless stayed,
although lights among the ruins after dark
showed where they had moved in.

Ruminating over the possibilities of anamnesis: how much have I forgotten to remember?

And so, I translate Sebald, render freely unto my own idiolect:

The ruins of my own memory cathedral
occupied by these homeless thoughts
recognized by the light of their fires at night
amidst the broken, fallen fragments of my world


I do not remember where the homeless stayed,
Closing my eyes, there are lights among the ruins
indicating occupation

But the first person is vexing to me, so...

Thoughts homeless, unremembered
Indicated by the presence of the fires
Among the ruins in the dark

It is not better, not in any way, but makes more sense to me now. 

Thank you, A.A.