Lord Stay Sweet

Like honey
Like cream
Like a dog's paw
Like a cold beer
Like candy
Like a peach
Like a hot shower
Like an hour in bed
Like a cry
Like a kiss
Like your skin
Like a lick
Like honey in your belly
Like sugar in your mouth
Like cream on your thighs
Like a dog's paw on your bed
Like a cold beer after a hard fuck
Like candy on your tongue
Like a peach in my palm
Like a hot shower deep inside you
Like an afternoon in your bed
Like the cry in my ear
Like a kiss on your spine
Like a lick on your hip
Like honey between your lips
Like sugar dissolving in your eyes
Like cream creaming in my hand
Like a dog's paw sleeping twitches
Like a cold beer after a slow fuck
Like candy in your soft hand
Like a peach split open
Like a hot shower after coming
Like a year in your bed
Like your soft cry in my mind
Like a kiss I can't remember
because it was so goddamned good
and so goddamned sweet
Like the breath of god breathing in
as I am dying again and again