Not stop you never now: A Rendering


Sumer is icumen in,
Lhude sing, cuccu;
Groweth sed
and bloweth med,
And springth the wode nu;
Sing, cuccu!

Awe bleteth after lomb,
Lhouth after calue cu;
Bulluc sterteth,
Bucke uerteth,

Murie sing, cuccu!
Cuccu, cuccu,
Wel singes thu, cuccu;
Ne swic thu naver nu.

Sing, cuccu, nu; sing, cuccu;
Sing, cuccu; sing, cuccu, nu!

My rendering:

Summer is a coming in,
Sing loud, cuckoo!
Growing the seed
blowing the reed,
And Spring new in the wood,
Sing, cuckoo!

The ewe is bleating after lamb,
The cow lowing for calf;
The bull is leaping,
The goat farting.

Merry sing, cuckoo!
Cuckoo, cuckoo,
Well sings you, cuckoo!
Not stop you never now.

Sing cuckoo, now! Sing, cuckoo!
Sing, cuckoo! sing, cuckoo, now!