Paddle Paddle Paddle

The human is the source of analogies for the universe.

- Novalis

Where are you?

Are you swimming yet?

Close your eyes.
Lay your head upon the table.

What do you see?

The cold marble block
Hovers in the night sky
Shimmering with civilization.

Sand glides with a hush
Beneath the snake’s bright belly,
Trembles under the marble block.

Where are you now?

Are you swimming?

Swimming with angels?

Carve the face of god
Out of the starbright stone,
Kiss the mouth that smiles eternal.

The sand is quiet
And slowly melting
Into rivers of the soul.

Where are you now?

You, with your bones?

The beautiful blind girl,
Her hands moving through the water,

Paddle Paddle Paddle
Flow Flow; Kick Kick
To the boat.

I know you’re mad.
You’re mad.
But I’m swimming.

The stars are still with wonder.
The blind girl sings and sings,
Her hand trailing in the river.

Paddle Paddle Paddle
Flow Flow, Kick Kick.

Are you swimming yet?


One afternoon as I was sitting in a small café drinking coffee, a group of blind children were led in and seated.

They were told to lay their heads upon the table and remain quiet as their guardians got cakes and cookies for them.

Amongst them was a beautiful blonde haired girl who refused to be quiet.

She kept calling out to her friend: Where are you? Are you swimming yet?

These questions intrigued me enough so that I got out my notebook to write them down.

Soon I was wandering down my own path leading out of this inspiration.

Then I heard the little girl saying something in a sing-song voice that I didn’t, at first, understand.

Suddenly I realized she was saying: paddle paddle paddle.

She was swimming in her mind.

I set down my pen and listened closely.

After a moment, she repeated the, where are you now? And, are you swimming yet? Then, she asked a new question:

Are you swimming with angels?

And I sat there stunned, feeling the smile of god stretch over me.

Paddle Paddle Paddle
Flow Flow, Kick Kick.

Are you swimming yet?