Seven Ded Babies - A Hindoo A Daption by B. Jones

"Qui veut faire l'ange, faire la bete."

- Pascal

Won day I was down by dat ole creek
An awl o suddun I hears lotsa lil babees
Awl o cryn.

So, youknows, I gets
Long throo dose ole woods
Purtee dang fass.

Wen I comes up da creek
To ware dem lil babees wered
Do n awl dat screem cryn,

I hatta stop dere n open ma mout.

Awl da hair on my hed
Stood up at wha
I dere sawt.

Fo dere was dis Woe-Man,
Laughn lika crazee,
Hee hee hee hee.

Awl dem lil babees
N da watur.

"Ho dere now Woe-Man,
You don tuch no mor dem lil uns,
You hears me?"

Is wha I says to dat won.

Bud she so crazee
She juss laff at me,
Pikup a lil feller n puthim

Unner da watur.

"Ho now you!"
I sayt n stard
Go n affur her.

I cud see she hat kilt
Alredee tree lil babees
N dis make me purtee dang set.

I jump like dat affer her mad.

But den, quik aspit,
She dun took out a bigo
Shineeknive n...

... n she dun didit hi n da air n...

Awl da udder.
For babees heds.

Won too tree fo.
Chop chop chop chop.

"O now Woe-Man,

You gon plum roundaben.
You givs me dat knive now
Fo you gonna hurts you ownseff."

Bud she juss laff
Awl da mor
N pikup a lil babee hed

N kissit soff dere onits lil sweet lips.

I run get her den
N rassle her down
On grownd dere.

Wego twis n turn
On topo awl dem
Sevn ded babees den.

She slipree asa fish,
Get way from me
N point dere to da sky.

I looksup dere n sees
Dere be sevn Gods
Awl o floatn like dem Gods do.

N I figurs it rite den
Dat dey hat comes owt
O dem sevn ded babees dere.

Dose ole Gods
Den come down
N sayt to dat crazee Woe-Man:

"Tanks you
Fo settn us freed.
We hat got ourseffs trick
By dat evil one, Mara,
N to bein ncarnated n to
Dem sevn ded babees.
Iffn not fo yur strengt n fait,
We wudda hat ben trap dere
Fo all dere hart lives.
Tank you, Woe-Man.
Tank you fo dis hart thin
You has don.
You be graced.
Tank you."

N den dem sevn Gods
Juss flowtd ways.
Like dem Gods do.

Juss like dem Gods do.