The Singing Skulls by B. Jones

This Boy, he come back out of that ole boneyard 
and hes got a sack full of skulls, 
all a clackin against his back. 
And oooh, he's a laughin, hee hee hoo hoo.

Anyway he finds this big ole place 
and goes on inside. 
Yes, they must catch things in here, 
he thinks to himself. 
This is most certainly a place for catchin things.

So he takes out all his skulls 
and puts them all around the place. 
Then he starts to dancin, 
singin and stompin and clappin all around. 
Pretty soon, them skulls start to clackin to the beats.

Can you get this? 
An he keep on dancin, 
steppin to the heart beats o God, 
big ole Bone Man.

And them bones starts shakin 
and shimmyin hind him and, 
yes siree, they all start bouncin over the floor 
like buncho rubber balls, 
a tumblin and a rumblin.

An this Boy he dont stop 
doin his dancin or nothin. 
Cause, yes siree, 
he doin a Holy Jig. 
The God Thing: 
sahke me o shimmy slip bang bang 
twaiddle bop scrimmy, 
yeah yeah yeah.

So these ole skullss 
had had found that were bouncin and bangin 
around everywhere, 
these old laughing bones 
start to singin as dey is dancin. 
Singin dust sound whisper noise:

Ain't got no bone
Aint got no bone
So far from home
So far from home
Gotta find me a honeyhole
To rest my bone

Like the wind rockin a chair 
on the front porch singin. 
And this ole Boy 
hes as happy as a worm 
hearin all dis good bone dust singin.

Then cause all thing got to ends some times, 
those old bones got a bit too takin up with the song 
and all that god sounds. 
You know about this. 
They was clackin and rollin and bouncin 
and for you know it 
crackin and breaking 
all into piles of white dust.

And this ole Boy stopes dancing 
and lays down there in that bone dust 
and starts to a dreamin a real fine dream 
bout big ole place where they captures things 
like Gods tears and laughter and holy songs 
and and dream sighs and last breaths 
and all kind of good things like that.

And this ole Boy sleep deep 
and starts to dream that dream 
about where he wakes up 
from the Goddream. 

And he lets go one of those dream sighs 
and that white bone dust like a cloud around his head.

November 1991