What I Want to Say

What can words do? 

Can they burn in your mind
the way you burn in mine?

What can I say here?

I want to say everything.

Use every word in every way to
tell you something.

I want words like ancient pearls
dripping with the ocean.
I want to put them all inside you.
I want you to feel deep down what
I want to say.

I want to put them in your mind
like these words right now. And I
want you to hear my voice in your
head. As close as that.
My breath in your ear.

Words like stones from a river.
I want to hold them in my mouth
and slip them into yours.
I want you to taste the words of
what I want to tell you.

I want to fuck the words.
Tear their clothes off and tie them
down, spread them open and sink
deep inside, slowly uncoiling
in ecstasy at their core. 

I am laughing and I want these
words to laugh with me. 

But there are no words for what
I want to say to you.

And I sit here wondering how I can
tell you what it is.

Wondering if you already know.
And laughing at what a fool I am.