Legal Note

Legal Notice updated

Due to ongoing litigation between myself [Scot Casey] and the estate of Charles “Bonesy” Jones [Nora Boney, executrix], EST Case #19620319 TX, Boney v. Casey, I am hereby required to state that I am not in any way, shape or form representing any work from the Non-Digital 
Archives from the Estate of Charles “Bonesy” Jones.

It was the expressed will of Mr. Jones that the Digital Archive is under my custodianship and that I have full right to display and/or present any work from this archive in any manner that I see fit.


Because of ongoing litigation,  it is necessary for me to explain the perhaps odd structure of Books 1 and 2. 

There is much that is adumbrated and through a glass darkly about the life of Charles Jones. 

In attempting to fulfill one of his last requests, to write his life in scrimshaw on a whale’s skull, I have been severely constrained by legal restriction his sister, Nora Boney, has placed upon his estate. 

I am prohibited from quoting

An obsessive superstition about being photographed

Book 1 is an “fictionalized reconstruction” of Jones experiences at in the deserts of Northern New Mexico and at the Monastery. 

Using a set of detailed journals that Jones kept during this time - journals which the Estate has specifically prohibited from quotation - I have attempted to recount the extraordinary experiences Jones had in this time. These difficult experiences were, as he often claimed, absolutely crucial to his intellectual and spiritual development. Those blanks and aporia within the Journals, I was able to fill in from the many conversations he and I had about that period - especially during the last [two weeks, ten days???] of his life as we were both waiting for him to die. 

Book 2 is my own personal account of the [month ?] we passed together in the desert waiting for Jones to die.