Eve's Dream

Everything is part of our dream. 

Space and time, consciousness and thought, being and becoming, are all merely aspects of the dream.

And each of us can only be aware of our own dream. 

Morality is thus how we treat ourselves as manifested in the other; the other being something we dreamed up in order to tell ourselves something.

To escape the dream, to awaken, we must learn how to take the dream apart, to see beyond its illusion. But the tools found in the dream cannot be used to do this. For, in using them, they only give more strength to the dream. 

There is then, at the deepest core of our self, a fundamental aloneness. 

We are alone in a universe of our own creation. In order to escape this aloneness – perhaps even forlornity – we become dreamers. 

We make manifest extensions of our self in which our aloneness may be forgotten. 

Those aspects of our dream in which we can most fully forget ourselves in, and at the same time be reminded of the truth of our deepest self, generate a quality in us that is known as love.

We love that which is most fully our self but in which we, as dreamers, are forgotten.

Chang-Tzu once awoke from a dream in which he was a butterfly. He wondered whether he had dreamed of a butterfly or, if now, a butterfly was dreaming him.

What can I say about this butterfly?

A shadow falls across the page. 

Words flow out of my hands.

A woman is being born out of the froth of my thoughts, out of a wound in my side, out of my sorrow. 

She is my mother, my sister, my lover, my best friend, my wife, my mistress, my muse, a witch, an enchantress, a dream. And her mystery, her most alluring quality is that she dreams.

Does she dream of me?

I don’t know. I really don’t know.

Again, what can I say? She is my dream, my creation, set loose into the world, set free.

Over and over, I tell myself her story and I hope that she might hear me and see me in her thoughts.

I pray for her to love me, to return and touch my lips and awaken me once again.

This one I love and wait for, I call her Eve.

This is her story.

Eve awoke one day from the strangest dream. Most of it she couldn’t remember. But there was one part that she couldn’t forget: him.

There had been a man in her dream. And Eve had fallen instantly in love with him.

As she lay in bed, realizing that he had only been a dream, a great sorrow passed slowly over her.

O well, thought Eve, such is life.

That night, before she closed her eyes, Eve tried to remember the man from her dreams. She hoped that he might return to her in the night.

And, indeed, Eve has no sooner closed her eyes than he appeared before her. 

Eve ran to him and fell into his embrace. 

For the rest of the night they wandered through the myriad dream worlds, laughing and falling ever deeper in love. 

Eve thought that it would last forever and was surprised when she began to awaken and everything began to fade.

She looked desperately at her lover and, as he disappeared, she heard him say: 

Always, in your dreams, we will be together.

The days began to be pure agony for Eve as she longed to dream again. Every night she learned how to sleep for longer and longer periods of time.

Always, just there on the verge of sleep, her dream lover waited. 

Together they explored all of their imaginings, always falling deeper and deeper into the dream of love.

Always, no matter how had she tried to forget, something would compel Eve to awaken. She and her love would have to part from each other’s embrace.

Eve soon hated this awakening and began to explore methods that would let her sleep without awakening. 

She quit her job. She stopped eating. She began taking specialized drugs that would keep her body from emerging out of unconsciousness. Gradually, she began to fade away in her bed….

Even so, she and her dream love were never closer. Indeed, he had asked her to marry him and a Great Wedding was being planned for them.

It wasn’t long before Eve forgot that she was dreaming.

The world of the dream was so much more real to her than that other world she had become unconscious to.

On occasion, her dream lover would have to leave her alone in their Castle as he attended to the particulars of the Wedding. 

And one day, as Eve sat alone in the Garden, waiting for her love to return, a strange man dropped out of the tree above her and began rolling around on the ground, all the while laughing insanely.

Eve demanded to know who he was and how he gotten into the Dream Castle

He stood up and bowed and said: 

I am the Holy Fool.

Why are you here? Asked Eve.

The Fool sat beside her and said:

I have come to warn you that you need to wake up.

For a moment or two, Eve didn’t understand what the Holy Fool meant. 

Concentrate Eve, said the Fool. You know the Truth.

Of a sudden, Eve remembered.

Why? She asked.

Because you are dying, replied the Fool. Your subtle body is dying along with the physical body languishing in your bed. If you don’t wake up from this dream, you will cease to be on any level, in any world. If you don’t wake up, you will die inside the Dream, ever further from the True Awakening.

Eve considered this for a moment and then asked:

But what about my love and the Great Wedding?

The Holy Fool told her:

You are in love with Death. The Great Wedding is the end of your life.

That can’t be, replied Eve. He makes me feel more alive than I ever have before. 

Of course, said the Holy Fool, that is the nature of death. Look Eve: none of this is real. It is all just something that you dreamed up to make yourself feel less lonely. Even I am part of your dream, here to warn you that you have fallen into a dream of death.

Everything suddenly came back to Eve and she realized that they Holy Fool was speaking the Truth. 

With a sense of profound horror, she forced herself to awaken.

But the dream remained.

The Fool told her that she had to concentrate with a singular intensity upon the seed of the Higher Reality within her.

She did as he instructed and, after much effort, the dream began to fade.

Just there, upon the edge, Eve saw the Castle of Bones and the smiling skull of her lover.

Eve awoke to her wasted form lying in the cold and soiled bed. She gasped with relief as she struggled to sit up. 

After some time, she staggered into the kitchen for some food and water.

As she stood there, trying to understand all that had happened to her, there was a knock upon the door.

With surprising calm, Eve walked over, unlocked and opened the door.

There stood the Holy Fool with his ever present smile.

You? Uttered Eve in shock.

The Fool laughed. 

Yes, he said, I am here to tell you that you must wake up again.

Again! Cried Eve. 

Yes, said the Fool, you see you were dreaming inside a dream. You must wake up another time.

But you? Asked Eve. How are you in every dream?

Because, replied the Fool, some things are part of every dream, of every world, necessary for the Dream to be.

And Eve closed her eyes and opened them once again to find herself utterly, absolutely alone.

There is a dream dreaming us.

- Saying of the Kalahari Bushmen

Yet come to me in dreams that I may live 
My very life again though cold in death: 
Come back to me in dreams, that I may give 
Pulse for pulse, breath for breath: 
Speak low, lean low, 
As long ago, my love, how long ago. 

- Christina Rossetti