Rama's Question

One morning Rama woke up with a question.

He went to his father and he asked him:

- Father, what is God?

His father replied:

- Hrmph, hmmm, uhm, go ask your mother.

So Rama went to his mother and asked her:

- Mother, what is God?

She thought for a moment and then softly said:

- God is everything. God is the substance that we live within. God is inside you, supporting you. And God is outside of you, supporting you. God provides everything for you and takes care of you. God is a great current in the Universe. And God is the Universe.

Rama’s eyes got big and he said:

- Wow! I hope I can remember that.

Rama’s mother laughed and said:

- You don’t have to remember what you can never forget.

Later that day Rama was with his friend, Frog. Frog lived on the banks and knew many things. Rama decided to see if he what God was.

He asked Frog:

- What is everything for me, is the substance that I live within, is inside of me, outside of me, provides for and takes care of me, and is a great current running through the Universe?

Frog thought for a moment, then smiled and said:

- That’s simple. It is the river that you live within.

And Rama the little minnow lept out of the water with joy and said:

- No, you are wrong, Frog, the answer is God.

And Frog laughed deeply and jumped into the river to swim with Rama.