That Ole Bone Dance

[On a torn white 9 x 12 envelope. First page is outlined with skulls and bones. First letter "O" is a skull.]

O My My My, that Ole Bone Dance,
that shuffle and that shake, that poke
and slip and slide into the ole pink
hole. Yeah, yeah, my frien, you
know what I mean. Yes, Yes, shakin'
the House of Bones, doin' the meat
jig. Hee, Hee, crazy boy! Crazy, crazy
boy! Down there in the woods, shakin'
an ole skull full of seeds, singin' songs.
Dancin' round all naked and just oozin'
the ooze ina continual drip, drip, drip.
White sticky honey with veins of red,
fallin' all over the Riverstone, creatin'
fish and shiny black tadpoles. And oh,
ho ho, he is laughin' boy, yes siree,
he's boomin' out with soul laughter,
a sound that could make all your hair turn
stark white if you weren't ready for it.
Dark gloomy woods, filled with the cries of
lonely crickets and frog squeals and hoos
of owls and such. And he's down there in
the thick white mist along the creek. Yeah,
yeah, he's waiting for you. You see, that
skull he's a shakin' and a dancin' with.
You see, hee hee, that god's skull and all
them seed is universes in po... in
potential - something like that. Yeah.

[First letter "A" written in bones.]

And one night, maybe this was
last night, I'm not so sure about time
now. Anyway, I was down there
watchin' him and listenin' to that
shinkin' skull. Yeah, yeah, I was
holdin' my bone, sippin' a pool of
honey that was drippin' out o' the
big elm beside me, diddlin' my bone
in there. Anyway, well, you know,
yeas, yes, yes, how erotic that boy
is, well, as I was sittin' there, scared
to go too close, but hungry jus
the same, this girl comes up. He stops
doin' his dance and looks at her.
She slowly takes off all her
clothes. Umm boy, yeah, she was
a fine piece of god-meat. Dig?
A dream-girl, umm? Yeah, you
know her, right? Then, he says,
"What you got?" And she
opens her beautiful mouth and
says like a dove, "English 
Language". And he says, says,
"All O it?" And she says,
"Enough". And he says, "OK"
Then he puts his ole bone in
to that pink hole. Before
no time, she's a comin' and a
comin'. Then, he took off her skin.

[Second Page. Drawing of a piece of skin tacked up. The writing is on the skin. First letter "N" is dripping.]

Now, I know what you is thinkin': Why did he
take that pretty little girl's skin off? Well, let me tell you
the rest of the story, see if you can't figure it out
without me tellin' ya. OK, OK, so he takes off her skin
just as she's a comin'. And he didn't take his thing out o'
her neither. Course, she starts to screamin' something
horrible, like a pig being tore up, you know? And with
one graceful motion, he took her entire skin off like
it ws jus a sheet on a bed. Keep in mind: his
ole bone is still a shakin' in her. Then, get this,
he looks straight at me! He knewed I was there
in that wood a watchin him. He holds up
the skin and shakes it at me. I can't tell you why but
I had to go to him. By now, the girl is jus sorta
shakin' and mumblin' in no uncertain state of
insanity. I walks up to him and pop! He turns the
skin inside out. I look at the girl: she sees me
and her big white eyes just twirl around; she jus a 
dancin' bunch of dripping muscle and blood - still kinda
cute. Anyway, he points to a deep pool of sticky white ooze.
Then I get it! He wants me to write on the inside of her
skin with his ooze. All the time, he's still doin her. It takes
me a while, but I eventually get the hang of it.

[Third Page. Inside of envelope. Drawing of a large tear. Rays of radiance drawn around it.]

Blood -
Sperm -
Egg -
Ink -
Tear -
Water -
Rain -
Ocean -
Universe -
God -
Holy -

[Fourth page. Inside of envelope. Anther drawing of a piece of skin tacked up. Through a central cut in the skin, stars are visible. Blood drips down the cut.]

[Written in a box above the skin.]

This is what I wrote:

[Written upon the skin.]

Once upon a time, God lived in a shack
in the middle of the desert. People were
always coming to see him to ask him
how to start religions and stop
religions and stuff. But then, after
a while, no one came to see him
no more.

But everybody
thought that everybody
else was still going.
So no one much
payed attention
to the whole
thing. Those in
the know thought
of it as being like
a big secret. They
didn't say nothing.
They just sit back and 
made atom bombs and
pornos and rat mazes.

So no one really knew
about God dying. At
least until the Holy Fool
comes along after he'd
been out in the desert
for a long time. He
found the old shack
and the dried white 
bones of the forgotten
God. And when he 
picked up the skull, a
black seed fell out. He
at it and forty days and
forty nights later, he knew
he had something divine,
something that might balance
against the bomb. That's when
he started dancin' and doing
what he had to: sing his 
songs of prophecy and 

[Written in a box to the right of the skin. Up and down the page.]

And then, he takes the skin and pops it back
right side out and with a flick o the wrist, slips it back on the
girl. She shook and then fell down. "Was it worth it?" he asks.
She nods her head. I figure she don't have no more words,
but she looks at me and says, "God!" and starts soul


[Written to the left of the skin. Up and down the page.]

David & Lizz:

Thanks for letting me stay here. I was in
sore need last night -

As Originally Written: 4 September 1990