Tired with all of these for death I cry
As to behold a desert born
A need for nothing burns in my eye
My purest faith is now forsworn

It’s so easy
To get lost in this world
One day you wake up
And your mortal coil is curled
Around a quiet life of desperation
Click your mouse on a post
It’s a bad bad situation
Because that’s what you love the most

There’s a conversation I want to have about my mind
But you haven’t got the time
To have it right now. 

O Memory
O won’t you sing?
Take this dust
Make it breathe

Darling, remember 
How this song goes
A camera, a photograph
A tragic ghost

I just want to stop texting everybody
I want to write letters again
Want to spill my blood on to the paper
Tattoo the name of love on my skin

The host keeps dropping the connection
I’m standing out here on a stone
Waiting for a signal from a distant radio station
Just another voice so I can feel more alone

She said it’s always one thing or another
Dig your own grave or get it dug for you
She asked if I was looking for a lover
I said I didn’t know but I’ll never lie to you

As I walk down by the water’s edge
I asked the Lord to reveal himself
He said, son, you just don’t know
My face would burn 
The flesh from your bones
The flesh from your bones
The flesh from your bones


So when I die bury me deep
Water my grave with your tears
If you’re holding a rose, let it fall
In memory of all our lost years

Blues for Dead God - B. Jones

Blues for Dead God
Haunting the sky
Poem for a broken man

Turning and turning in the deepening hole
Our skull surrenders the whispers of our soul
Here things fall apart
This rag and bone shop of the heart
Turning and turning in the deepening hole

All our revels now are ending
The Gate of Hells are clear in sight
The Devil’s case needs no defending
As the World spins into Night

Well it’s a darkness visible and a world on fire
Everyone is burning in a dream of desire
Desolation in the Desert and an Empty Cross
I had a map of heaven but in hell I was lost
Rain coming down like tears of pain
The Devil and Me are riding on a train


Jesus Is Coming - B. Jones

Adam's got a hole in his side
Eve's gnawing on a bone

Skeleton Waltz - B. Jones

See that man out there in the Desert
Wandering around looking for God's Grave


Ole Black Devil - B. Jones

Ole Black Devil
Won't you take my soul

East Texas Rain - B. Jones

East Texas rain making me insane
Coming down like blood dripping out of my brain
Skull on fire with a dark desire
Hear my woman's been fucking the whole church choir
East Texas rain making me insane
Coming down like blood dripping out of my brain

Used to be
She'd never come home
Sitting here in the dark
Drinking alone
Now days go by
Cut down to the bone

Sixty-three days in a God-haunted haze
Dues down paid with the dealers only made
Me want to get up and with the bimp down grades
My love is long gone, fingerprints will fade

See the burning face above me
Feel the burning fires below


O I've been drinking
All night again

Kingdom Come - B. Jones

I'm going to lie so still now
Going to take my time today

There’s a cross in the field

A sign on the door for me

Left your house this morning

Couldn’t wake you up

I once was a man of steel
Could jump tall buildings
It was no big deal


Sometimes my baby's hair is like hashed brown potatoes
And her eyes are like two eggs, fried sunny side

I’ve known disgrace
Torn my body
Broke my bones too many times

Man From Nod - B. Jones

I’m a man from the Land of Nod
On my way to see my God

A Worried Man - B. Jones

I’m a worried man

With a worried mind

Older Songs

Deer heads in the back of a Mississippi pickup,
I wander up the back way to ask her if I fucked up.

Ghosts - B. Jones

I've known disgrace
Torn my body
Broke my bones
Too many times

Hummingbird lullabye
And sweet apple wine

All these drugs
Are such a skull fuck dream

40 Days in a Hole - B. Jones

I spent
40 days in a hole

It was on the train to Mayfield
that celebrated Birthdays

Simple Head Sitting on a Simple Man

Simple head sitting on a simple man
Draw a circle around your bones

Childhood Lost - B. Jones

In the corner of a window
In a shack out in the woods

Time, take me away

Drink my life down the drain

There's the memory of an apartment
I see her packing up the boxes
Turned away from me so she can cry

Spent some time in a lost river draw
Holding bones there were things that I saw

Crawling out of the corners
With a slow forming lurch of ambition

If I were a stone
You were a stream