Me and the Devil Riding on a Train

Haxan - 1922

Well it’s a darkness visible and a world on fire
Everyone is burning in a dream of desire
Desolation in the Desert and an Empty Cross
I had a map of heaven but in hell I was lost
Rain coming down like tears of pain
The Devil and Me are riding on a train

I got Skull of God in my suitcase
Last words of Jesus tattooed on my face
Tore the wings of Gabriel to make my coat
And Adam’s apple is still stuck in my thought
The world is ending nothing is gonna be the same
The Devil and Me are riding on a train

I once knew a woman called Memory
But I can’t remember what she did to me
The Devil’s keeps singing some sad old song
Saying she was right but I was wrong
No matter what I do, it all stays the same
It’s just the Devil and me riding on a train

Well the Devil is laughing asking it I want to smoke
Hold out a handful of rocks I say, well I’m flat broke
He says, not to worry we can work it out
You can pay me later on the River of Doubt
I was sorely tempted I must honestly say
To make that deal with the Devil on the Hellbound Train

I say I got a bottle of tequila and a book of spells
To keep my true to my word while I’m sitting in hell
He says that tequila won’t last and your language is a dream
Made of sighs and whispers and cries and screams
There once was hope but none remains
It’s just the Devil and Me riding on a train

Go ahead and take my tequila and all your rocks
Burn me in fires and stop all the clocks
The Skull of God is like thunder in my hands
I’m gonna step out of my skin and my bones will dance
And these bones aint gonna ever feel no pain
It’s the Devil and Me riding on a train

The Devil he laughed and he knew I was right
And we drank tequila and smoked all night
And I passed out under the Skull of God
And dreamed I walked to Eden from the Land of Nod
When I woke up I was hungover insane
Just riding alone on that Hellbound Train