Mississippi Pickup

Deer heads in the back of a Mississippi pickup,
I wander up the back way to ask her if I fucked up.
I slept in the swarming Houston headlights,
Gotta find a way to get it back on tight.
I took a walk down past the dumpsters to the dog pen.
I'm watching those old men watching it right then.

Two bears thrown in with those deer heads.
Clean 'em neat mount 'em on the sleeper beds.
A black man offered me a piece of brain:
Said, it looks sunny now but tomorrow it'll rain.
I hit a jack rabbit spun like a flower
And I'm checking my lifeline trying to guess the right hour.

Got the Big Bend high-speed vibrating body,
At an Elvis convention I'm drunk in the lobby.
The moon thrown shadows spilling over those long legs.
Daddy got his momma ten time before the song ends.
Tents peeling off - bones in the wind,
Twenty-five bananas sitting with no skin.

And the javalina sleep oh yeah,
And the javalina sleep oh yeah,
Checking those cards, playing for a paw print,
I'm praying and I'm hoping, mostly hoping for deliverance.

And that eight-point buck with his does and his sweet grass
Waiting for the daddy with the season pass.
He's got time to spare now in the back of that pick-up
With a thousand-yard stare saying why did I fuck up?
Well, momma don't go hanging it up on the wall
Say I'd rather be lucky than any good at all.

Well, momma don't go hang me up on the wall
Say I'd rather be lucky than any good at all.

[ An interpretive collaboration between B. Jones and Hunter Kennedy.]