Name of Love

Capo 4 

D- e C- b

G C 

I just want to stop texting everybody

I want to write letters again

Want to spill my blood on to the paper

Tattoo the name of love on my skin

I just want to wake up in the morning

I don’t want to go to sleep again

Stay up until the end of days

I just want the dreaming to end

I want to see you face to face

I want to see the pain in your eyes

I’m so sick of all the mediation

I want to feel like I’m on fire

Like I’m alive

I just want to listen to you being

Just here not saying a word

Just the present of your presence

Is everything that cannot be heard

I want to drink up all your tears

Lie down into your yawns

Just the present of you presence

Baby baby it’s already been too long