Skelton in the Rain

Spent some time in a lost river draw
Holding bones there were things that I saw
That you wouldn 't believe so hollow
She held me there said baby don't cry
Those tears aren't real know what you feel
Know how you care she help me there all night

And the hollow was filled
And those bones were real
Dancing every step of my pain
Dancing like a skeleton in the rain
Across my grave

She held out her hand no choice divided
Souls can't touch they just try to hide it
In Gasoline Dreams you know what I mean
A ghost through a window and a banging door screen
She leff me true but how bout you
What did you have when she was finally through with you

Pay a hundred dollar for diamond dog collar
Hanging now from the end of rope you call her
No one comes nothing at home in a house full of shadows
Singing all alone to a mirror on the wall
Then she's there next to you
Nothing at all beside you in die hall but you saw

A cement tarry or a drunken river ferry
Carried you cross ages of pain
And she thinks it's kind of scary if you think too much
But you just don't care she really isn't there
Or was she real saying know how you feel
And know what the cards are before you deal to love