Stone in the Stream - 1987

If I were a stone
You were a stream
Circling over me

I'd never resist you
Or wear away
I'd stay within your waters
Against you I'd lay

If I were a stone
And you were a stream

If I were a stream
And you were a stone
I'd cover you in my waters
Give you a home

I'd alway flow around you
Never push too strong
I'd keep you deep inside of me
In the heart of my song

If I were a stream
And you were a stone

If you said you loved me
And gave nothing more
But wanted everything
We could never afford

I'd try to find a way
To give it all to you
If you'd only stay with me
Without it all

I am the stone
You are the stream

I am the stream
You are the stone

We are each other
The stone in the stream

The stream and the stone