Time Take Me Away

[A] Time, [E] take me [D] away
[A] Drink [E] my life down the [D] drain
[A] Take me [E] back to [D] yesterday
[A] Take [E] away the pain [D] today

[A] Warriors in [E] chains and
[D] Women I used to believe
[A] Try to [E] tell me about an
[D] Insane history
[A] But I keep my [E] mind
[D] Hidden and far away
[A] It’s no longer of [E] any use to [D] me

[E] And you who call yourselves [D] important
[E] Won’t you tell me what that [D] really means
[E] Cause I can’t see behind your [D] crying eyes
[E] At least that’s the way it seems to [D] me

I remember all those empty days and memories
I can hear you lying about them now
Why can’t you just accept the reality of it all
That you sold your future and your dreams

I got no use for fancy words or phrases
I’ve heard too many of your excuses
So don’t try and tell me about the meanings
Hide those feelings that you use


Well I’m turning back the pages of my life
I’m finally hanging up my shadow
You keep trying to tell me what to do with my life
And I can’t even begin to cry for you