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Location: Austin, TX
History: Cuban Missile Crisis
Tech: John Glenn orbits the Earth
Literature: A Clockwork Orange, Man in the High Castle, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Film: West Side Story
Music: Dylan, Beatles

Emerged screaming into a godless world full of bones at 10:13 pm on March 19th. 


Location: Baton Rouge, LA
History: Kennedy assassinated, Great Train Robbery, MLK "I have a Dream".
Literature: Sylvia Plath commits suicide, Grifters, Cat's Cradle
Film: Lawrence of Arabia
Music: Beatles

Nov 22 - Kennedy assassinated 

December - Start talking, repeating


Location: Shreveport, LA
History: Vietnam War, Civil Rights Act
Tech: BASIC, computer mouse
Literature: Little Big Man, Nova Express
Film: Tom Jones, My Fair Lady, Mary Poppins
Music: Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel

 "I won't", 
First dog: Muff


Location: Shreveport, LA
History:Watts Riots, Voting Rights Act, Malcolm X shot
Tech: Space Walk, Hypertext
Literature: Dune, The Comedians
Film: My Fair Lady, Dr. Zhivago
Music: Sound of Music, Grateful Dead

Sister, Shannon Lee, born on April 29


Location: Shreveport, LA
History: Vietnam Protests, Miranda
Tech: Color TV, Fiberoptic
Literature: Last Picture Show, The Crying of Lot 49
Film: Sound of Music
Music: The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, The Monkees

First time to Gunstream, catching the turtle


Location: Shreveport, LA
History: Six Day War, First Super Bowl
Tech: First Heart Transplant, Pulsars
Literature: Trout Fishing in America, One Hundred Years of Solitude, The Mind Parasites
Film: A Man for All Seasons
Music: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, 

Learn to ride a bike on Wayne Drive 
Learn to whistle

Location: Move from Shreveport, LA to Dallas, TX

Start first grade


 Walnut Hill




Princess House

Night fishing on Wyatt's pier

Mother remarries, JLT, Gunstream

Mini-bike, Virgin Islands, Tracy Young

 Win a Yamaha, move to Mexico, lose virginity, kill deer 

 Mexico, Acting, Avispones, Ute Trail 

 Monterey, Award, Salmon Fishing, Greenhill

Greenhill, SPI, Broken Arm, Football 

Greenhill, Football

Graduated from Greenhill School with no clue, Hepatitis 

SMU, Coaching 

SMU, Coaching 

SMU, Coaching 

Dropped out of SMU? 

Coaching at Greenhill School: UT


Life Times,  Work: Coaching at Greenhill School: ACC, UT Location: Austin

Break with LB, find KMC, SPI, live in the back of the truck, Monastery Physical
Work: Working at Bookstop in Lincoln Village until June, coaching at Greenhill
Location: 4408 Ave. D
Travel: SPI, Travels with Andrew Foote Across the Southwest.
Emotional: Break up with Lisa Bruner. Austin, TX.


Travels in Europe, meet Pilar
Location: move to Austin w/Pilar in Nov. 102 B East 52nd
Travel: Europe


LSD all the time 
Work: Bookstop Lincoln Village
School: UT again

Wedding in Santa Barbara 
School: UT
Travel: Liz and David's wedding in Santa Barbara w/VPB

Split with Pilar, begin "homeless experiment", Old Bone Dance, Europa Physical
Work: Bookstop, Europa in Dobie (oct)
Intellectual: Sept '91 Old Bone Dance


Grandfather dies, Monastery, Bone Carver Physical
Work: Europa Books until March, Landscape Inwood until August, Europa in October, Apollinaire's
Locations: Austin, Dallas, Santa Fe, Monastery, Move in with Sam on 41st in November
Travel: Dallas, Santa Fe, Monastery
Relationship: Pilar, YYL, Gaelle, Sabrina
Intellectual: First gleanings of the Bone Carver


Work: Europa Books
Location: Sam on 41st in November, move into Ridgehaven room w/Pilar
Travel; Re-Engage with VPB Intellectual: Finish Bone Carver


Yogurt Shop Murder Suspect
Work: Europa Books
Location: Move into Sam's on East 53rd. in September


Work: Europa on the Drag closes in April, start Bookstop Central Park in June,


FringeWare, Bell's Palsy in December
Work: Quit Bookstop in March, start FringeWare in June, TX Book Festival #1


Travel with Pilar, enter Jennifer Physical: Diagnosed with Gout in August
Work: FringeWare, TX Book Festival #2
Travel: England, Portugal, Spain and Morocco with Pilar
Relationship: New Year's Eve with Jennifer at the Austin Motel


Punched in the face on the Drag, FringeWare #14 Punched in the face by a Black guy on the Drag. Broken nose. Two black eyes.
Work: FringeWare, Desert Books, TX Book Festival #3
Relationships: Jennifer Milbauer
Intellectual: FringeWare Review #14: Media Controllers publishes. Was the Issue Editor.


Travel to Italy and Greece with Jennifer, FringeWare closes 
Work: FringeWare, TX Book Festival #4
Location: West 34th, Austin, TX
Travel: Italy and Greece with Jennifer in April, New Mexico and Colorado with Jenifer in July, Aquismon, Mexico in September, Longview to see Pilar w/JGM in December, drive to South Padre Island. Stay at Sea Grape. Drink at the Irish Pub. Spend New Year's on the beach with the ocean and fireworks, a sixpack of tecate. Sparklers.
Relationship: Ask Jennifer to marry in December,


East Coast of Mexico w/JGM, Marriage in May, Puerto Vallarta
Work: Showdown, working with Mike White, unemployment, Half-Price books in June
Location: Tim and Valeries from June 8 to Aug 15
Travel: SPI, Mexico w/JGM, Puerto Vallarta


Texas Showdown, 9-11
Work: Start at Showdown in June,  
Travel: Aquisman, San Luis, Monterey w/JGM in July
World Events: Terrorist attacks on NYC and DC. Work at the Showdown from 2-6. Surreal.


Back to Sam's, Hole closes Physical
Work: Showdown, Hole in the Wall,
Location: Move back into Sam's, 929 East 53rd, Austin
Travel: New York w/JGM for birthday
Intellectual: steady work on, Mojo's, Shelton

2003 Location: 929 East 53rd, Austin

Location: 929 East 53rd, Austin

October: Stay at Monastery of Christ in the Desert


Location: 929 East 53rd, Austin

October - Biked to Monastery of Christ in the Desert

Andrew's Wedding Physical: 225, Portal Hypertension
Work: Texas Showdown, UT
School: Aborted UT attempt
Location: 929 East 53rd, Austin
Travel: San Fransisco in May, Anacortes in May
Separated from JGM


Location: 929 East 53rd, Austin




December - Move to Bellingham


April - Start Black Drop

June 8 - The Last Meal of Calouste Gulbenkian
Nov. Mother ALZ

April - Move NLT & JLT to Bellingham

January - Quit Black Drop

August 19 - Mother dies.

April to October - Travels

174 days
From San Francisco to New York, Montreal to Mexico
From Death Valley at -282 ft below sea level to Trail Ridge Road in Colorado at 12,183 ft above it. 
23,000 miles driven (not quite the circumference of the earth)
26 States and one Federal District
3 Countries
20 National Parks
22 National Monuments
Dozens of State Parks
Over 40 Graveyards
Over 21,000 photographs
More beautiful friends than I can count
The overwhelming love of my family
One incredibly thankful and fortunate man

Start at Honey Moon, 
Jan 17 - Father dies