19 (Monday) - 10:13 pm - Born at St. David's Community Hospital, Austin, Texas (Birth No. 142-62-053410) to Nancy Lee Callaway and Kelly Maurice Casey. Lived at 1309 E. 52nd St., Apt. C. Father's listed occupation: Salesman of Office Machines. Both Mother and Father aged 22 years.

Birth Weight: 7 lbs. 13 1/2 oz.; Length: 22 in.

Physical Characteristics: Overall reddish in color, not much hair, blue eyes and a small red mark on butt.

Mother's Family:

Grandfather: Clarence Leon Callaway
Great-Grandfather: Milton(?) Callaway
Great-Grandmother: Margaret Callaway

Grandmother: Mattie White Callaway
Great-Grandfather: Fred White
Great-Grandmother: Edith White

Uncle: Clarence Leon Callaway Jr.

Father's Family:

Grandfather: Mitchell Casey
Great-Grandfather: Jesse Casey
Great-Grandmother: Minnie Bell Casey

Grandmother: Sally Doss Casey
Great-Grandfather: William Doss
Great-Grandmother: Nora Doss

Uncle: Terry Casey (married to Nelmarie Casey)

My mother writes:

"We went to the hospital at 3:00 pm and Scot was not born until 10:13 pm. When Scot was in the hospital he used to get so mad in his bed that he rubbed all the skin off his nose at the top."
"I did not nurse Scot, but started him on formula. He took to it right away."

(Formula Ingredients: 13 oz. Evaporated Milk, 1 oz tap water, 2 tbsp Karo)

"When we first came home from the Hospital we did not have his bed so I had to put Scot in a chest of drawers drawer."

My mother went into labor after a bumpy ride in a truck.

Other considered birth names: Sean and Kelly.

26 - One week old


2 - Two weeks old
9 - Three weeks old
16 - One month old: Wt: 10 lbs.; Ht: 22 1/2"

My mother writes:

"At four weeks Scot liked baby cereal, also likes baby fruit. As he grew older he began to discover candy and Cokes. He likes almost all kids of candy. He likes rice, chicken, green peas, and french fries, jello and pudding. He loves spaghetti and meatballs and most meat - also hamburgers. He did not like the rice cereal, or baby vegetables. He did not like cut fruit, mashed potatoes, tomatoes, hard to chew meats, green salad."

23 - Five weeks old. First smile.


19 - Two months old: Wt: 13 lbs, 3 ozs; Ht: 23 3/4". D.P.T. shots


1 - 2 1/2 mos. First held head up. First laugh. First held a toy.
19 - Three months old: Wt: 14 lbs, 14 ozs; Ht: 24 1/2". First giggled. Discovered my hands. First roll over. D.P.T. shots

My mother writes:

"When Scot was very small he went to Dallas, Texas and Grapevine, Texas. He stayed with his Grandfather and Grandmother Casey for a week when he was 3 mos. old. (Kelly and I went to New Orleans on a vacation.)"

In a letter written, I believe, from around this time, my Grandmother Callaway has this to say [rough draft on Holiday Inn of New Orleans Stationary]:

"Dear Grace

So glad to hear from you and sorry to hear you are in the hospital.[...]
We loved having the children visit us. The time passed so fast while they were here. We took them to everyplace we know. I thought both Nancy and Kelly looked good. They brought the best looking clothes. Kelly looks so good in his bermudas which he wore to lounge in. And Nancy brought such pretty things and they fit perfectly. I sent her an outline of where we would take them so they would know what to bring.[...]
After the play we ran into another couple that we me at the convention, so we all went over to Dumonds for coffee. While there, Gene Tierney, the movie star, came in and sat close to us. She is so pretty. [...]
Tomorrow I am going to have my hair done and shop for some pillows and something for little Scot."

From another note by my Grandmother Callaway to Iness ?? and Ervin:
Nancy and Kelly visited us for a week the first of July. Mr & Mrs Casey kept the baby."


19 - Four months old: Wt: 16 lbs, 3 ozs; Ht: 25 1/2". First brought two objects together.
20 - D.P.T. shots


1 - First discovered my toes

8 - Letter from Donia to Mattie Callaway living at 300 Ridgelake Drive, Apt 100, Metairie, LA. 

13 - Got first tooth, left lower jaw
19 - Got second tooth, right lower jaw
19 - Five months old: First waving of my arms. Tried to eat my own toes. Wt: 17 lbs, 12 ozs; Ht: 27"


1 - First turn over both ways.
14 - First sat up
19 - Six months old. First held cup.
??? - Father loses job with Underwood Office Machines. Parents move to Dallas to stay in Inwood house while Grandparents are living in New Orleans. Father gets job delivering bread for Wonder Bread Co. After a few months, parents moved to an apartment on Hudnall street.

Father gets a job at the trucking company owned by Grandfather Callaway.

Father transfered. To???


12 - Tooth in right upper jaw
13 - First haircut
15 - Tooth in left upper jaw
18 - Polio Vaccine - "Salk shots"
19 - Seven months old: Wt: 20 lbs, 9 ozs.; Ht: 30". First became shy with strangers.
24 - Tooth in left upper jaw


1- First pulled self up to standing position.
15 - Tooth in right lower jaw
18 - received Type II Sabin Oral Polio Vaccine, one of three types needed.
19 - Eight months old. First crawled.
20 - Tooth in right upper jaw
25 - Sabine Oral Polio Vaccine


1 - First definite syllables. Tooth left lower jaw.
19 - Nine months old. First played pat-a-cake.
25 - Xmas in Dallas at the Inwood House. Silver foil Xmas tree in photos. Gifts included: fuzzy monkey, toidy seat, toy chest, rubber doll, overcoat, red stripe pjs, red wagon, yellow romper suit, grey flannel suit, Mickey Mouse toy, pullapart toys, truck toy, animal towel and a toy clown.