19 - Ten months old: First waved bye-bye. Wt: 23 lbs, 1/4 ozs.; Ht: 30"
24 - Salk shots


1 - First threw ball
5 - First steps. Walked to Mother and Father
19 - Eleven months old. First climbed stairs


15 - Smallpox Vaccine, Tuberculine test
19 - First birthday. Could say a few words. Wt: 23 lbs, 15 ozs.; Ht: 31". Gifts received included: short pants, red play telephone, push roller, pjs, 25.00 Savings Bond.
Photos of first birthday show us living in Baton Rouge, LA. Mickey Mouse in play pen.

My mother writes:

"On Scot's first birthday he is walking real good and tries to run. He gets into anything he can, and he has to explore everything. He tears up magazines and puts everything into his mouth. He can say a few words. he loves tpay outside and he really takes and interest in his toys. He had a cake with a candle but he wouldn't eat it. He received many nice gifts."

Around this time, I dropped a Coke bottle on my foot and nearly cut off the big toe on my right foot.

Father fired, by my Grandfather, for not showing up to work and spending company monies.


Easter - Lived in Baton Rouge, LA. Photos of a basket and easter eggs.

19 - Thirteen months old


19 - Fourteen months old


19 - Fifteen months old. First ran.
22 - D.P.T. shot booster

19 - Sixteen months old: Wt: 25 lbs, 1/2 ozs.; Ht: 33 1/2". Two more teeth right and left lower jaw: first molars.

My mother writes:

"At 16 months Scot is terribly shy. He would not go to Grandmother and Daddy Casey's when we went to Grapevine for a visit. He can say several words definitely and loves to play with his Mama and Daddy. He knows us and can say out names. He plays well by himself. "

25 - Two more teeth in right and left upper jaw


19 - Seventeen months old


19 - Eighteen months old. First fed self. First cuspids.

My mother writes:

"At 18 mo. Scot is a little ball of fire. He loves to play outside and plays well by himself. He can say several words and tries to talk. Has 12 teeth and has dinner with Mama and Daddy now."


19 - Nineteen months old.

Several photos of me with a red wagon.

We appear to be living in Lafayette, LA.???

November -

Father worked at a department store, Palais Royal, selling clothes.

Lived on Barrett Street, in Shreveport, LA, in a small wood frame house behind a larger house.

19 - Twenty months old. First used spoon.
22 - Two weeks after moving in, Kennedy assassinated in Dallas.
29 - Salk shots


19 - Twenty-one months old

My mother writes:

"Scot is just beginning to talk and is learning rapidly. He loves to repeat everything we say. He has a pretty good nature, but shows his temper when he doesn't get his way. He loves to play with his Daddy and do everything he does. He like to draw or scribble on everything. He is learning to feed himself and does a pretty good job. I have begun to potty train him, but haven't had much success."

25 Xmas in Shreveport. First Santa Claus Experience. 

Mother writes: 

Santa brought me: a red fire engine to ride in, Lincoln Logs, Spin Top, What's That? and Where's That? books, bowling balls and pins, jack-in-the-box, Texaco Fire Helmet, blocks, play train, race car, puzzle, pjs, houseshoes, cowboy shirt, building bricks. 

Later traveled to Dallas. Took the train. 

Photographs show me blowing up a balloon, sitting under the foil tree.