19 Twenty-two months old: Wt: 26 lbs, 1/2 ozs.; Ht: 34"


14 Poliomyelitis Vaccine - Killed Virus (Salk) Booster
19 - Twenty-three months old. First said "I won't".


19 - Second birthday. Began toilet training. First used sentences. Gifts received included: 25.00 Savings Bond, teddy bear, train, popgun, Buster Brown clothes, 1.00 in dimes, pajamas, savings account.

My mother writes:

"Scot's first pet was a little black and white terrier named Muff. His favorite indoor toys are blocks, toy cars, army men, puzzles and books (2yrs)"


19 - Wt: 29 lbs; Ht: 31"
30 Measles Live Virus Vaccine with Gamma Globulin



Train trip from Shreveport, LA to New Orleans with Mother to see Grandfather and Grandmother Callaway. Stayed a week.



13 In a note my Mother writes:

"Scot is really getting big now. He plays well by himself. He talks plainly and says good sentences. Haven't had much success with toilet training - he will go sometimes, but if he is playing or occupied with something else he will no go to the potty. He will tell me sometimes, but not enough. He wears training pants all the time. Loves to play with cars, trucks and blocks and rides his tricycle everywhere. He has a sand-box in his back yard also has a swing that his Grand-dad Casey built for him. He weighs 28 lbs and looks just like his Daddy. Still takes afternoon naps for about an hour and a half - sleeps 12 hours at night."




7 - In a note my Mother writes:

"Age 32 months. Scot talks all the time now and like to express his feelings. He has quite and imagination and plays by himself well. He is almost entirely toilet trained and has very few accidents. He likes to express his own opinion especially when he doesn't want to do something. He weighs 30 lbs and eats his meals fairly well. He is very interested in reading his little books and like to have us read to him."


25 - Xmas in Dallas. Took the train. Grandfather Callaway drove us back to Shreveport, LA. Gift received include: tricycle, toy radio, shoes, bubble bath, first walking shoes done in gold, toy airplane, train and tank, toy telephone, blue rabbit toy, blue and white check suit, Dennis the Menace doll, flash light, silver spoon, football, Disney characters, Texaco fire engine, stuffed kangaroo, stuffed rattlesnake, sweater, electric heater, animal househoes.