Received two fillings in teeth



19 - Third birthday. Wt: 33 1/2 lbs. Had a party with neighborhood friends. A decorated train cake. Gifts received included: Blue Eton suit, 25.00 Savings Bond, seven way helmet, swing set, desk and peg table, golf clubs and cart, duck puzzle.


29 - My sister, Shannon Lee Casey, born in Shreveport, LA.





 - Started kindergarten at Mrs. Agnew's Town and Country Day School. Three days a week from 9-12.

Moved to a biger house on Wayne drive.
Father drinking more and coming home less.
Father fired from job. Starts working selling pants for Mann Jeans - travels around LA, AR, and TX. Father having affairs.




December 1965
The Woolco Santa

25 -My Mother writes:

"Scot was so excited about Xmas this year. He could barely wiat for Santa Claus. He went to see him at Silber's and he brought him everything he asked for.
Red sidewalk bicycle
Red large wagon
Record player and records
GI Joe
Clothes for Joe
Super Helmet Seven
Canteen and Mess Kit
Tool box
He received several things in his stocking: super ball, monster wallet, horn for bike, candy, gum. I received many things from my friends."

- A great photo from this Xmas shows me with a bedhead eating breakfast out of my red wagon. Looks like I'm holding a waffle. The wagon is full of little toys and things. There is a new red bike with training wheels in the background. A playpen full of toys for Shannon behind that.

Christmas Morning, 1965
Shannon at 7 months
Myself at 3 1/2 years

Christmas Morning, 1965
Note the Ray Gun

Myself and Gran, Christmas 1965
Note the foil tree