Received three fillings in teeth.

19 - Fourth birthday. My Mother writes:

"Scot had a party for his birthday. He invited eight of his friends. He haad a cowboy and indian cake.
Marshall Brown - Motor Riffie Racecar
Craig Prather - Tinker Zoo
Allan Harlan - Car bus
Wendy Weymoth - Bingo & Target game
Tanya Evans - truck
Jay Kline - Kennel truck
Me and Kelly gave him a Gym Dandy lookout tower. He loves to play on it. Grandmother and Daddy Callaway gave him a X-15 Race Car. I can ride it all over. Grandmother and Daddy Casey sent him a little black Bible. It has his name on it. They also sent him a $25.00 savings bond. Uncle Terry and Aunt Nelmarie sent him a little motor bank called The Thing."






Went to Six Flags Over Texas Amusement Park in Arlington, Texas.


18 - Attending Agnew's, ht: 3'7'', wt. 40 lbs.

Fall - Photographs at Gunstream. My sister and I with Kelly in one of the blue chairs. Another of us in foot PJs on the couch. The big rainbow trout is on the wall above the TV.


31 - Halloween photograph of me in a bizarre spaceman suit with western holster and guns buckled around the outside.

December - Xmas in Shreveport. My mother writes:

"Scot was very excited about Xmas this year. He had his picture taken with Santa Claus and told him what I wanted. Santa came to our house and left many things. He left Scot a big race car, Mr. Sound, electric train, Screeming Memee gun, Captain Action with Superman suit, talking Woody Woodpecker, Tonka truck, a blackboard, building circles. In his stocking he left a walking wind-up soldier, small soldiers, yo-yo, bat watch, sticky-icky, candy and a snow house. Me and Kelly and gave him a pigtable and a motel-a-phone. Grandmother and Daddy Callaway gave him a Motorifle racecar set, fishing rod and reel, play knife, books, ID bracelet, and billfold and snow house. Grandmother and Daddy Casey gave me a Tonka road grater truck and robe and houseshoes. Uncle Terry and Aunt Nelmarie gave me Fighting Men Marker ket. Uncle Bud gave me a cowboy suit. Aunt Ernestine gave me Fruity Friends Mr. Potato Head. Shannon gave me finger puppets. So as you can see, Scot really had a wonderful Xmas."

Photograph of me in cowboy suit beside a foil Xmas tree holding Superman. Superdog lies dead on the ground. The electric train set is running around in circles. I look pretty happy. Another photo of my sister and I driving around the kitchen in the Big Race Car.