Attending Agnew Town & Country Day School


February 1966
Myself, Shannon, Mom and Grandad Callaway
House on Wayne Drive
Shreveport, Louisiana

February 1966
Grandfather's Hat
House on Wayne Drive
Shreveport, Louisiana

February 1966
Muff the Dog
House on Wayne Drive
Shreveport, Louisiana


Received three fillings in teeth.

19 - Fourth birthday. My Mother writes:

"Scot had a party for his birthday. He invited eight of his friends. He haad a cowboy and indian cake.
Marshall Brown - Motor Riffie Racecar
Craig Prather - Tinker Zoo
Allan Harlan - Car bus
Wendy Weymoth - Bingo & Target game
Tanya Evans - truck
Jay Kline - Kennel truck
Me and Kelly gave him a Gym Dandy lookout tower. He loves to play on it. Grandmother and Daddy Callaway gave him a X-15 Race Car. I can ride it all over. Grandmother and Daddy Casey sent him a little black Bible. It has his name on it. They also sent him a $25.00 savings bond. Uncle Terry and Aunt Nelmarie sent him a little motor bank called The Thing."

Fourth Birthday
Mrs. Evan, who taught me to read, is helping me. 


Oswald-esque Father Figure
Spring 1966

Easter Sunday, April 10, 1966

Sunday School Outfit, Easter, 1966




July 1966
Black and White Saddle Oxford Shoes

July 1966


Went to Six Flags Over Texas Amusement Park in Arlington, Texas.


18 - Attending Agnew's, ht: 3'7'', wt. 40 lbs.

Fall - Photographs at Gunstream. My sister and I with Kelly in one of the blue chairs. Another of us in foot PJs on the couch. The big rainbow trout is on the wall above the TV.


31 - Halloween photograph of me in a bizarre spaceman suit with western holster and guns buckled around the outside.

December - Xmas in Dallas. My mother writes:

"Scot was very excited about Xmas this year. He had his picture taken with Santa Claus and told him what I wanted. Santa came to our house and left many things. He left Scot a big race car, Mr. Sound, electric train, Screeming Memee gun, Captain Action with Superman suit, talking Woody Woodpecker, Tonka truck, a blackboard, building circles. In his stocking he left a walking wind-up soldier, small soldiers, yo-yo, bat watch, sticky-icky, candy and a snow house. Me and Kelly and gave him a pigtable and a motel-a-phone. Grandmother and Daddy Callaway gave him a Motorifle racecar set, fishing rod and reel, play knife, books, ID bracelet, and billfold and snow house. Grandmother and Daddy Casey gave me a Tonka road grater truck and robe and houseshoes. Uncle Terry and Aunt Nelmarie gave me Fighting Men Marker ket. Uncle Bud gave me a cowboy suit. Aunt Ernestine gave me Fruity Friends Mr. Potato Head. Shannon gave me finger puppets. So as you can see, Scot really had a wonderful Xmas."

Photograph of me in cowboy suit beside a foil Xmas tree holding Superman. Superdog lies dead on the ground. The electric train set is running around in circles. I look pretty happy. Another photo of my sister and I driving around the kitchen in the Big Race Car.

The Inwood House, 1966

Clarence Leon Callaway, 1966
Dining Room of the Inwood House

Mattie Callaway, 1966

A Visit with the DeWitts