17 - Travel by airplane with Mother and Sister to Dallas to visit Grandmother and Grandfather Callaway. Kelly was in New York. Photo of Shannon and I sitting on the front steps of the old Inwood house. I'm holding my head in my hands, looking rather disturbed. it was probably just the sun in my eyes.



18 My mother writes:

"Scot had a Superman party for his birthday - even his cake was a Superman cake. He invited 17 of his friends. He had a puppet show - it was Hansel nad Gretel - everyone like it. Me and Kelly and Shannon gave him a Batmobile and a Gym Dandy see-saw. Grandmother and Daddy Callaway sent him $25.00. Grandmother and Daddy Casey gave him a $25.00 savings bond and an ABC Dr. Seuss Dictionary. Uncle Terry and Nelmarie gave him $5.00 and he's going to buy a little garage for his Matchbox cars."

- I like the photograph taken at this party of me aiming my toy gun straight at the camera.

19 - Fifth birthday.

My mother writes:

"At 5 yrs. Scot likes to play with his small toy cars and trucks (The Matchbox series). He has quite a few of them and he has a garage for them. Dino [boy next door] and he play gas station."


- Photos from the Wayne Drive house in Shreveport. My sister and I in Sunday School clothes in the green and yellow triangle house that was in the backyard. Sitting on the swing set in the backyard. The red slatted wood fence in the background. Used to climb up on that all the time.

Scot, Kelly and Mitchell Casey
Easter 1967, Shreveport, LA

Myself full of fear in my red shoes
My father handsome and easy
magazine model for Hagar slacks
cigarette in one hand
Polaroid camera in the other
his father saying he can get the shot
what I see: a family out there
what Kelly sees: a secretary undressed on a bed
what Mitchell sees: a world worth capturing in a camera

4 - From a letter addressed to "Mrs. Kelly Casey, 338 Wayne Drive, Shreveport, La 71105". From my Grandmother Callaway. It is from my Grand-Uncle Hulen to my mother:

Hulen C. Callaway
1333 South Beverly Glen
Los Angeles, California 90024
March 21, 1967
Mrs. Nancy Casey
c/o Clarence L. Callaway
9806 Inwood Road
Dallas 20, Texas

Dear Nancy:

Since Eastman Kodak has reached $150 per share, I therefore make you a gift of 20 shares which I have ordered out in your name. It should be received by you shortly.

This gift goes to you with my heartfelt affection, and I do hope that it will afford you some material blessing.
For my records, please sign the enclosed copy and return it in the self-addressed envelope.
Affectionately yours,

Uncle Hulen

[In handwriting below is added:] Pls acknowledge any further communications if in [??? direct?] to me care Miss Jensen.

[In my Grandmother's hand below this is written:] Dear Nancy sign the enclosed paper, and send in the enclosed envelope then write a thank you letter and send there too. Take address down and keep on file the one in envelope. Do not ever write a thankyou letter to his house again. Do this as soon as possible. Send air mail.

6 - From a letter written by my Mother to her Uncle Hulen:

Dear Uncle Hulen,

Mother just sent your letter informing me of your wonderful gift.
I do not think I could begin to tell you how much I appreciate your generosity.
You have been so sweet and thoughtful of me in the past years, and now again you have made me very happy.
Mother and Daddy said they had a really enjoyable time with you on their recent visit.
They plan to come to Shreveport this weekend to see us. We are looking forward to it.
The children are growing so fast. Scot was five in March, anad Shannon is almost two.
I hope you are enjoying good health, and having a nice Spring.
Thank you again for being so considerate and generous. Your gift means a lot to me, and my appreciation comes from my heart.

With love, Nancy

April 6,1967
Easter photos show Grandparents Casey visiting. Inflatable bunny rabbit. An Icee in Shannon's hand, a toy airplane in mine.

23 - 3'9" tall; 43 1/2 lbs.


First learned to ride a bicycle (2 wheels)

Received two filling in teeth. Doctor saw beginning of permanent bottom front teeth coming in under baby teeth.

22 - Flew to Dallas. Went to the zoo. Ate dinner at the Lancer's Club on the 32nd floor of the 1st National Bank Building. Also went to Gunstream. I caught 36 fish with my Grandfather Callaway.


My mother writes:

"Scot started taking swimming lessons this summer. He took them for 3 wks. aat the Querbes [sp?] park pool. He took them for 6 weeks. He passed the beginning swimming group. He loves to swim and learned how very fast."


First learned to whistle.

22- Vacation Church School at Broadmoor Methodist Church, Shreveport, LA. Drawing of turkey made from an outline of my hand.

30 - Vacation Church School at Broadmoor Methodist Church, Shreveport, LA.



Agnew Town & Country Day School
Shreveport, Lousiana
1967 - 1968




- An Xmas photo shows me and my sister on Santa's lap. Shannon is crying and I'm looking off to the side pensively, maybe worried, my arm twisted awkwardly under Santa's arm. Santa has a hand squeezing my sister's leg. He looks like a potential pedophile under the fake beard.

25 My mother writes:

"Christmas - Scot 5 1/2 - December 25, 1967 - Scot went to Dallas for Christmas. We went to Grand and Grandfather Callaway's house. Santa Claus came and brought me many nice things.
Major Marr Mason Spacestation, Space Crawler and Matt Mason
Freight Factory
Tiger Shooting Game & Darts
Gun holster and guns
Stocking toys
Daddy gave me a space city with rockets. Gran and Grandaddy gave me a new bicycle (blue). Uncle Terry and Nelmarie gave me a spacerocket that runs on batteries. Aunt Ernestine gave me a black wallet. Grandma and Dad Casey gave me some house shoes, robe and a stuffed play frog