19 - Sixth birthday.



25 - Sat - The Agnew Town and Country Day School presents The Five Year Old Musical Kindergarten Class Spring Program. The "Agnew Happening" consisted of "Up, Up and Away", "Downtown", Tap Dance to "Gonna Get Along Without You", "Put on a Happy Face", "Gonna Build a Mountain", Tap Dance to "Sixteen Going on Seventeen", Ballet to "Feed the Birds", a medley of "Talk to the Animals", "Puff, the Magic Dragon" and "Little White Duck", "Aba Daba Honeymoon", some tumbling, a medley of "Born Free", "This Land is Your Land" and "Anyone Can Move a Mountain" then the finale, "Peace on Earth".

31 - Graduated from Agnew Musical Kindergarten


Lost first baby tooth, lower front

?? Summer - Photographs at Gunstream. The old white pier is visible in the background. And St Augustine grass is growing under the pines. I'm in a pair of plaid bermuda shorts and a button shirt. My fingers are splayed out at my side, indicating, I imagine, impatience with being photographed. My Grandparents had this thing about facing directly into the sun while "you picture was being taken".

?? Move to Dallas. Rent a 2 bedroom, 1 bath house on Glenridge - about four blocks from Walnut Hill. My sister and I used to stand on the floor heater grill after getting up in the mornings. I remember the soles of my sneakers burning on the grill. Every schoolday, my Mother drops me off at Grandparents House on her way to work (teaching first grade at Robert E. Lee), picks me up there after. Spend after school time watching cartoons and playing in woods - where my Mother once played when she was a child.



30 Revaccinated for smallpox, tetanus, whooping cough. Scar on left shoulder from vaccination gun.


?? Start first grade at Walnut Hill Elementary School in Dallas, Texas. Mrs. Tatum is my teacher.



27 - Report Card: satisfactory progress, conduct good.

The teacher writes:

"It is a pleasure to have Scot in my class. He is dependable and conscientious. Scot is an interesting child - he seems to enjoy school and his work."


27 - Xmas at home. Real tree with silver tinsel. Gifts include: Johnny Eagle Magumba gun, small play safe, Matel's lost world machine, Hot Wheels racing set, a Zentar Robot, walkie-talkies, a junior chemistry set, battery operated car parking lot, sweater, gloves, feet pajamas, and a fishing tackle box iwth all sorts of lures and fishing equipment. Also an Apollo spacecraft, a pair of binoculars, some magic tricks, and a little boy hair grooming set.