- Photos of room show guitar (I was taking lessons) and drum set, a pogo stick, and a World Book encyclopedia set. 

4 - "Scot and Shannon return to Monterrey" - Gran



19 - Fourteen years old.

John and I at John's House


2 - Letter from my Father

14 - "Nancy left for Guadaljara" - Gran

travel to Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta with parents. In Guadalajara I remember getting a case of the hives. In P.V., I got bad sunburn when I stayed up on the top deck of a boat flirting with a girl. The drive back home was hot and horrible. 

19 - "Puerto Vallarta 5 days" - Gran

May - Act in school play, "The Whites of their Eyes"

Awarded Scholarship Award 

June - Visit Dallas. Photos with Mark Mechler and Shannon in front of Inwood House.

9 - "Nancy and Jerry arrive" - Gran

30 - "Cal and Scot to Gunstream" - Gran

July - Ute Trail Boys Camp in Powderhorn, Colorado for three weeks. Climbed Uncompahgre Mountain.

5 - "Scot starts camp" - Gran

6 - Letter from my mother while she and Jerry were in Cancun. The envelope is from the Camino Real, Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Also a postcard from her from around this same time:

Dear Scot,

You would love this place. A lot like the Virgin Islands. We went to Tulum to see the Mayan ruins about 90 miles from Cancun. We have a villa that we can walk out our door to the ocean. The sand is like powder.

We are going to Cozumel & ride a motorcycle through town to the beaches.

Hope you are doing alright & having a great time.

We love you, Mom & Jerry

10 - Fri - From a letter from my mother:

Dear Scot,

We came back to Monterrey on Wednesday. We really enjoyed our trip and the beautiful beaches and water.[...] 

The animals were all fine and were very glad to see us. Kalu has really grown since we left. They all follow me around during the day and stay close by at night.

They finally finished putting the gates up and Cricket likes to roam the yard.[...]

Do you have the same counselor you had last year? Are there some boys your own age there?

Write us soon. Love, Mom & Jerry

11 - Letter from my sister, who was at Camp Longhorn, to me at Ute Trail: (as written)

Dear Scot, July 11th, 76

Hi! How's camp? It's been raining here for a week! Camp is really fun! The other day I went off the trolley from a 30 foot tower! (It was fun!) After that went to the main camp and superslided. We went off a big super slide and then sailing. We have a petting zoo. They have a fawn in it, rabbits, kittens, chickens, and alot of other animals. There's another place were they have a snake pit, alagators, skunks, racoons, and other mean animals. The other day we (our cabin) make up a skit for the camp. It was the dating game. I was Sexy Silvia and the other contestants were Pricella Prunocipper, Stuckup Sally, and Widow Hawkins. After that skit was a counselor's skit. We called down 4 counselors. Two were blindfolded and two weren't. The two that were blindfolded had to feed cereal to the other two. It was a race! Last night we (our cabin) won for singing the best!!! (ha) Has mom written you? She's written me and they say a baby nurse shark!!! (It doesn't hurt you) They say it's just like the Virgins.

Bye for now! Love Shan

P.S. Write soon!

13 - Letter from my Grandfather

16 - Mon - Postcard from Ute Trail:

Mom and Jerry, Arrived here safely. I'm all settled and have got everything I need. Be sure to get David to get my knife. It is beautiful up here. I will write Gran and Grandad too. Love, Scot

26 - "Scot back from camp" - Gran


- Camping with Mark Mechler in Monterrey. Photo in the airport with Sharon Knutz and Mark. He is holding my new football helmet. I've got a sleeping bag.


- Ninth grade at American School. Classes taken: Spanish III, Math III, Physics, Chemistry, Civics, English III, Contemporary History of Mexico, Art, P.E., Technology, Vocational Orientation. Grades are all Excellent with a few Muy Biens. 

Travel to Mexico City


- Photo around this time of John and I in my room shows mountain climbing posters, an astrolab Jerry helped me make hanging from deer antlers, and a pachinko machine.



20 - "Nancy coming. Chili. Shannon made tortillas" - Gran

25 - Xmas in Dallas. Photos of Lee and Chrystal. "All came for dinner (10)" - Gran

26 - "Scot and Cal went deer hunting." - Gran

30 - "Cal and Scot came home" - Gran

Mark and I at the Inwood House