1 - "Nancy, Scot and Shannon left for Monterrey"



19 - Fifteen years old.


Travel to Mazatlan, Mexico

15 - accepted to attend Greenhill School in Dallas. Letter from Wylys Terry. 



Awarded National Honor Society Membership



Awarded Scholarship Award

Steve Fordham Teacher's Award

14 - Diploma for Junior High Graduation.

26 - "Jerry to Monterrey. Shannon to camp"

28 - "Campbell River. We go to Canada"

29 - "Sail for boat in Canada"

30 - "Nancy left for Monterrey"


1 - "Canada"

2 - "Return to Campbell River"

3 - "Leave for San Francisco"

4 - "Fisherman's Wharf. Lunch at Castagnola"

5 - "Aquarium Scot and Cal. Dinner at Amelio's"

6 - "City tour. Dinner at Pan Pan"

7 - "Left S.F. Ate lunch at Lefty's"

12 - "Mark for Dinner" 

15 - "Scot leaves"

- fishing for Salmon in Canada with Grandparents and trip to San Francisco.


15 - Begin Two-a-days Football practice. Meet Coach Link Fuller. #42.


- Tenth grade at Greenhill School in Dallas, Texas. Greenhill, at the time, was based on the Open Schooling System. The upper school, which has since burned down, was a large slanted roof stucture with tall windows on one side. There was a central Commons area with couches and low tables, a few study carols and tables. Surrounding this were all of the classrooms - each had glass windows so you could see inside. The idea was that anyone could go into any class they wanted. In fact, Mr. Williams, my advisor, told me that it really wasn't require of me to even go to my own classes - if I wanted to attend others, or had something better to do out in the Commons. Of course, in practice, Greenhill functioned pretty similar to any other high school. Nevertheless, we did spend a lot of time lounging around on the long green couches and wasting time down in the library. It was a big change coming from the American School.

13 - Letter from my mother:

Dear Scot, Tuesday, Sept. 13

Shannon was very happy to see us when we returned Saturday. Jerry had a game Saturday night. Monterrey Tech won.

We enjoyed having a chance to see you play Friday night. Let me know how the game goes this week. I wish I was there to see all of them.

We had such a nice time with the Mechlers. The are such a fun couple. I wish we could do it more often.

Jerry is going to Mexico this week, and I will know more about your papers when he returns. If you have to enter the country before 60 days are up that means you will have to come before Oct. 15.

I know that right now you are having a difficult time adjusting to all your new surroundings. A new school is always an adjustment, but I think in a very short time you will like it much better.

You know I want so very much for you to have the best life has to offer, and by preparing yourself now will be your advantage in later years.

You are very fortunate to have been given the opportunity (by your grandparents) to obtain a good foundation for your future education, and this is the while key to having a successful and worthwhile life.

You also have to realize that his is an adjustment for your grandparents. They haven't had a teenager in many years and this takes some adjustment on their part. Please try to be understanding and considerate of their needs.

You are my only son and I couldn't have had a better one. You have always make me so proud of you. I sometimes think how could I have been so lucky to have a sonthat has everything.

I know this year will be difficult for you - both in school & home too, but I know you will try and do your best. I also know that your situation is not the most ideal, but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

I love you with all my heart and I think about you everyday - and in a very short time we will be a family again.

I will come to Dallas as often as I can, and remember you are always in my thoughts.

I love you, Mom

P.S. Write me

17 - "Gunstream. Took Scot and Mark"

23 - "Mark spent the night"

30 - Letter from my mother:

Dear Scot,

We really enjoyed hearing from you.

We are very pleased with how well you are doing with your football. I wish I could see you in action.

How is school? Do you find it harder or easier than A.S.F.? Are you putting in enough time every night to study?

Are you using your rubber bands and your water pick? You will probably have to come down here a few days before Thanksgiving to get you braces off, and to get fitted for your retainer. Are you using your head gear? Cutting your toe-nails and finger nails? Just checking to see if you remember to do all these things.[...]

Shannon is still waiting for your letter.

Write me again when you can. I miss you very much. Love you, Mom

[A note from Shannon at the bottom]

Hi Scot! Where's my letter? (Still don't know if im on the basketball team. Stupin Miss Johnson says I cant dribble! We're goin to McAllen this weekend (Fortunately) Think Greenhill will be hard for me? (Answer truthfully)

[There is a smudged paw print on the page with arrows pointing out to the following notes by Shannon:]

Patch says Hi Took alot of strength to get her to do this!

30 - "Scot spent the night with Mark"


Terri in the parking lot at Greenhill

Terri in the parking lot at Greenhill

8 - "Mark ate lasagna"

10 - Greenhill Grade Reports:

English II: Taught by DeWolf Fulton. Grade: 81. Some Comments: "Scot has done well in this course to date. His first paper showed his writing to be noteworthy.... His class participation has only recently come up to where it should be." I remember this class mostly because it was where I was introduced to Moby Dick. We only read selected chapters and watched the Huston film. Fulton was later kicked out for fucking Atlantis Shelby - who later lost her head in a car accident on 2222.

Geometry: Taught by Faith Bridges. Grade: 88. I remember Bridges as a mousy, somewhat spiteful woman. Had a lot of fun in her class by not paying attention. She made the study of geometry, which is wonderful, out to be about as interesting as reading the ingredients on a cereal box.

Spanish III: Taught by Mr. Gonzales. Grade: 70. Gonzales was one of my favorite teachers. Because I came from Mexico, I was placed in this Junior level class. A little out of my league. We were reading Borges stories. I didn't have a clue. But Gonzales was patient with me. Always called me Casey. 

Biology: Taught by Wyllys Terry. Grade: 78. Some comments: "Scot has the potential to be a very good student.... He needs to make sure he gets the basic facts from the text.... needs to work on taking those facts and integrating them into a complete concept." Terry was a bad teacher - as hard as he tried to be otherwise. Disliked me for playing football. 

Mixed Media: Taught by Susan Crater. Grade: Pass. This was the typical art class. Held in the old Turkey Farm House. Mostly a time to flirt with girls and fuck-off in general.

15 - "Took Scot to Gunstream"

25 - A Letter from my mother:

Dear Scot, Thur. Oct.25

Hope you enjoyed your Homecoming. How did you do in the game?

We were able to sell your minibike and bicycle. We sold the minibike for 35.00, and the bicycle to Roberto for 35.00. So you make about $70.00. Roberto is paying it out by the week - so when he finishes I will give that to you.[...]

I plan to come to Dallas on Nov. 12 (Saturday). I will be there a week, and then I want you to come back with me - on Sunday Nov 20 - to see Dr. Montalvo and for Thanksgiving. You would miss 3 days of school.

As soon as you are through with football, I want you to go over to our house and do some yard work. If we have the house painted - I want you to even up & cut down the front shrubs & also thos on the side of the house. I will talk to you about it when I come. I pay pretty good wages.

Hope you are doing fine with your school work. I want you to make those C's into B's. I think you can do better once you have more time to devote to your school work.

I am anxious to see you - it seems like a long time.

Write me if you can. I love you, Mom

P.S. Have you picked up your weights and record holder yet?


14 - "Nancy and Scot ate dinner"

18 - Greenhill Grade Reports [more inane educational jargon]:

English II: Taught by DeWolf Fulton. Grade: 82. Some Comments: "Had Scott worked on his rewrite and been better prepared for the quiz he took, he might have shown more improvement. Without doubt, his in-class role has improved nicely." Fulton didn't have a clue.

Geometry: Taught by Faith Bridges. Grade: 84. 

Spanish III: Taught by Mr. Gonzales. Grade: 80. 

Biology: Taught by Wyllys Terry. Grade: 75. Some comments: "Scott seems to be marking time." He indicated that I needed improvement in the "Accepts Responsibility" category. Yawn.

Varsity Football: Coached by Link Fuller. Grade: Pass. Some comments: "Scott is a very dedicated, intense young man. He is blessed with intelligence nad athletic ability & handles these responsibilities very well." I liked Fuller a lot. He introduced me to weight training - which became a passion for a while. I was 135 lbs when I first came to Greenhill - could barely press my weight. Six months later, I was 185, benching 240. I was second string full-back and left side linebacker in a 4-3 defense. We had an excellent running back with Tony Bryant. Tom Ellis was the QB. Played on all the special teams and here and there during regular play. Played all the JV games, defense, offense, special teams. Fuller ended up leaving for a job at a public school after this season. 

Greenhill Homecoming Dance.

20 - "Scot and Nancy leaving"


2 - "Scot spent the night with Mark"

3 - "Scot Hockaday"

Hockaday Christmas Formal

6 - From a letter from my mother:

Dear Scot,

I talked with your grandmother yesterday and she told me about your grades.

I was extremely pleased that you have done better. I know you are working hard.

The 75 in Biology can be improved. You should be reaching a point in the book that is very interesting.[...]

I know you must have almost completed the yard work at our house because you told me it would be in shape before I get there. If you haven't, get with it. Also I think if your grandfather has some work for you that your first obligation should be to him - after all he does a lot for you and asks very little in return.

The Hockaday dance sounded fun- I can just imagine how you must have looked in your tux. I'm sure you were the "catch" of the evening.

Jerry and I are happy about your letter in football.

See you the 17th. I love you, Mom

25 - Xmas. Dallas. New Panasonic Stereo with 8-track. Photos from Uncle Bud's house.