- Photos of me on the Yamaha 80 in the snow at Inwood. A snowman I made. Mark and the shadow of my Grandfather.

8 - From a letter from my mother to my grandparents:

Dear Mama & Daddy,

We all enjoyed being able to spend out Christmas with you- We really hated to return to Monterrey. You know how much we appreciate all the nice things you do for us when we are there.

I know how hard it is to have us all there at the same time - hopefully we will be back in Dallas soon, and I can do the Christmas next year.

Shannon had her braces put on this week - its going to take her several days to get used to them.

Did Scot find his retainers? He didn't have them when I left. He is supposed to be on a 6 week check with Dr. Stutts. He went on Dec 19 so he will need to be checked around Feb 1.

I send Scot a list of the people that he needs to write than you notes to - please check to see if he does them. I wand him to mail any letters to the Casey's to me to mail.[...]

- A fragment of a letter from my mother:

[...] Terry & Nelmarie send your letter here so I want you to write them a thank you note and send it to me to mail. I want the letter to have the Mexico address on it - also if you write your father please send here for me to mail. I think it is best that they think your are still in Mexico - at least until we return to Dallas. [...]

If you are seriously considering a job for this summer - why don't you check out some places early - I would rather you try to find some other kind of work than dishwashing or busing tables. What about Six Flags or a hardware store, construction company or a Life Guard with the Dallas Public Park Dept. The good jobs get filled early - the Life Guard at the public pools is not bad - especially if you get around the area you live. Also what about the Skateboard park - or the Schwinn Bike store might have something.

Did Shannon leave her 45 record "Short People" in your room? [...]

Did you locate your retainer?

Write me soon. Love, Mom

14 - Sat - 1978 Junior Symphony Benefit Ball: Holiday in Acapulco. Held at the Great Hall in the Apparel Mart, 9:00 pm to 1:00 am. Music by Motion. Prizes. Formal. Don't remember who I went with.

- From a letter from my mother to my grandmother:

Dear Mama, January 14, 1978

I received a letter from Hair Square in Northpark saying they had gotten by wigs in. [...]

Shannon will be taking the Greenhill test next weekend - keep your fingers crossed for her. I should know by February.

Jerry has been to Mexico City this week and plans to come to Dallas before too long.

I am busy trying to get lists together of what we plan to sell before we come back to Dallas - have already sold washer and dryer (to be picked up when we leave) [...]

I hope Scot is doing okay. I think about hom everyday - although it won't be much longer before we are finally back for good.[...]

15 - Greenhill Grade Reports [more inane educational jargon]:

English II: Taught by DeWolf Fulton. Grade: 82. 

Geometry: Taught by Faith Bridges. Grade: 83. 

Spanish III: Taught by Mr. Gonzales. Grade: 84. 

Biology: Taught by Wyllys Terry. Grade: 78. Some comments: "Scott seems to be over the 'new school' adjustment period and from now on will hopefully be the honors student has has shown that he can be."

Typing: Taught by Darlene Hall. Grade: Pass. 



1 - Greenhill Grade Reports:

English II: Taught by DeWolf Fulton. Grade: 84. 

Geometry: Taught by Faith Bridges. Grade: 83. 

Spanish III: Taught by Mr. Gonzales. Grade: 83. 

Biology: Taught by Wyllys Terry. Grade: 80. 

Typing: Taught by Darlene Hall. Grade: Pass. 

Off-Season Football: Taught by Link Fuller. Grade: Pass. Some comments: "Scott is a winner. He pushes himself hard, and doesn't like to settle for second best. I greatly enjoy our association. He's made great strides in his physical development on our winter conditioning program."

19 - Sixteen years old.

- Photos from South Padre Island. Terri Blum. 


3 - Mon - Letter from my mother:

Dear Scot,

How was your Biology trip? Jerry was in Dallas last week and said you had left right after you got back from Padre.[...]

Jerry and I are going to be in Houston at the end of this week to entertain some people for Pemex. We're only going to be gone two or three days.

I hope you will get over to the house to do some yard work before too long.

Jerry will be back in Dallas the first part of May. Glitsch wants him to start up there as soon as possible.[...]

I'm looking forward to seeing the honors grades when I return. [...]

Love you, Mom

P.S. Have you sent in your stereo warranty yet?

7 - Greenhill Grade Reports:

English II: Taught by DeWolf Fulton. Grade: 87. Some comments: "Scott has taken a leadership role in this class. He shows confidence with his expression of ideas, and is for the most part in control of the work. His insight into the poetic genre is particularly sharp."

Geometry: Taught by Faith Bridges. Grade: 75. Some comments: "Scott needs to really pay attention in class."

Spanish III: Taught by Mr. Gonzales. Grade: 81. 

Biology: Taught by Wyllys Terry. Grade: 67. Some comments: "Scott continues to show signs of a major break through".

Clay: Taught by Susan Crater. Grade: Pass. Some comments: "Scott needs to work hard to keep up with the class." I remember making a sort of clay breathing tank that looked like a giant bong. It mysteriously disappeared after it was fired in the kiln. Crater probably took it. 

10 - From a letter to my Mother [as written]:

Dear Mom, I'm writing on this stationary because I felt like it and besides its all I have at the time. The biology trip was fun. I had a real good time. I found a valuable rock there too. Is John going to come this summer - see if you can arrange it. I'm pressing 240 lbs now nad my knees and back are fine. Coach Fuller has already left and I talk to him on the phone occasionaly - he asked me to come over one weekend and do something with him. I'm going to Gunstream this week but I'll probably go next weekend. I'm not doing real well in school now but starting about 3 days ago I'm going to try my ver very hardest to bring it up (all grades) past 85 or 90. I will do it, don't worry. I have been trying to get over to the house and will as soon as possible. Grandad (don't say anything) make me mow the whole yard with a puch mower and we have 2 rider the we weren't using. I've been working at odd jobs for people and have earned about $100.00 (hauling hay, moving dirt etc..) I might have a job this summer pays 4.00 an hour. 8 hours a day 6 or 5 day a week. But Gran thinks (don't say anything) Grandad will get mad if I take it because it is a landscaping company. It's owned by this girl I'm datings aunt. This girl is super-good lookin. I'm taking ther to the soph. dance. April 29th (Shan) Don't say anything to Gran or Grandad but there always trying to discourage me from working. They say it's not as good as it sounds or that the pay is impossible for a child like me to make. (I'll tell you more later.) The girl's name is Darby Daniels her mom is a model for Kim Dawson. She goes to Highland Park and is a Freshmen. Grandad dosn't like me to work-out and dosn't like or want me to get a job at Nautilus. He thinks I'll turn in to Arnold or something. He also dosn't like me working out, period. He thinks little scotty potty will hurt his itty bitty body. because he has only been working out for 2 years nearly and reads every book he can about muscles. He still is not experienced enough with wieghts. Not to be repeated. Tell Shan Hi and tell Jerry Hi. Talk laiter Love Scot

14 - "Scot and Mark came with us to Gunstream"

Mark and I at Gunstream

20 - From a letter from my Mother in reply:

Dear Scot,

It was so good to hear from you. I have been wondering how you have been doing.

We have been selling everything we can - have had a lot of people out to the house - I haven't much luck with the curtains, but we are going to put an ad in the paper May 1. I am having several things re-finished - I can get it done much cheaper here than in the States.

Shannon has been busy with track. She is going to Oaxtepec. They go the first part of May. She is still one of the fastest girls. Although, Jerry is working on her starts.

John has been over twice recently. He is very low - hates the Amer. School, doesn't have any friends, hates Monterrey and doesn't like the girls.

We told him that he could come live with us in Dallas & go to Greenhill with you. He got all excited about it and Jerry had lunch with Mr. Villalba the next day and they talked about it. Then Jerry went over to their house and gave them the Greenhill information. [...]

Sure wish I had your weights here. I have been doing some good arm exercises for women, but don't have any barbells or weights. I need about 10 lbs for each arm. (Don't laugh - for me that's good.) [...]

Jerry continues to referee as much as he can. [...]

Next week is Shannon's birthday party. A dance for 40 - we are going to have it here - it should be a lot of fun.

About your working this summer, I think that you should see what you can find, and if it is something you want to do go ahead & make your plans. You don't need to say anything about it to anyone. Remember that you want to take Driver's Education - you might check their schedule & see what hours & dates are available before you get committed to a job. The landscape job sounds okay - where is it located? & how soon would you have to start - at first transportation is going to be a problem because of our car situation. If it is not too far away I'm sure we can work something out. Have you checked with Nautilus about summer help? You can check into all these things and then decide what is best for you.

Jerry has his doubts about your taking care of our yard - so I sort of wanted you to have made a start over there before we come back. He says he is not even considering buying a mower, edger, etc. until he knows you are going to keep it up.

They come to pack on May 22 for 6 days - we leave June 1 - Thurs. I sure will be glad to get out of here.

I'll call you before too long. Hope your Soph. dance is fun. Your girl sounds cute - the mother sounds like tough competition -

Sorry to hear C. Fuller left - I know you miss him - have they gotten a replacement? Send in your stereo warranty.

Love, Mom

P.S. About your grades - Why are they so low? There must be some reason - not studying or not enough time spent on them.

I know you are going to bring them up to honors because you promised me you would for this final trimester. I'm counting on you not to let me down - If I were asking the impossible I would understand - but with only a little effort you can make honors. You only have a few more weeks so I suggest you make the most of the time left.

Is this what I'm going to see in June?

  • Biology - High Honors 95 -100 or Honors
  • Geology - High Honors or Honors
  • English - High Honors or Honors
  • Spanish - High Honors or Honors

Yes, Mom it is!!

29 - Sophmore Dance?? - Photos of me and Darby Daniels. I'm in another light blue tux. 

- A paper, "Muscles" from around this time, written, I believe, for Mr. Terry's biology class. Received a grade of 85.


25 - Greenhill Grade Reports:

English II: Taught by DeWolf Fulton. Grade: 86.

Geometry: Taught by Faith Bridges. Grade: 78. Some comments: "Scott has had accasional attacks of laziness this year, especially towards the end."

Spanish III: Taught by Mr. Gonzales. Grade: 81. Some comments: "I enjoyed having Casey in Spanish this year."

Biology: Taught by Wyllys Terry. Grade: 73. Some comments: "Scott is a very fine person who, when he pulls his social, academic and athletic lives into the proper balance will be an outstanding leader of the school. Good luck."

Ceramics: Taught by Susan Crater. Grade: Pass. Some comments: "Scott completed a very interesting pot. I wish he would have put more imagination into his others." 

31 - "Nancy and Jerry and Shannon come home" 


1 - 29th Commencement at Greenhill School for the class of '79.

- Somewhere in here I break my left arm while riding the Yamaha 80.

25 - "Scot broke his arm"



- Start two-a-day Football Practice (7:15 am and 5:15 pm). New Coach Nate Cunningham. Didn't really care for the man. Other Coaches were Dwight Clasby, Julian Smith and Bob Murphy.

19 - Sat - Ticket stub from a Dallas Cowboys football game at Texas Stadium.


2 - Football Game: Greenhill v. Trinity Christian (32-14)

8 - Football Game: Greenhill v. First Baptist (26-21)

15 - Football Game: Greenhill v. Boles Home (27-7)

21 - Football Game: Greenhill v. Casady (8-13)


6 - Football Game: Greenhill v. Santo (65-0)

27 - Football Game: Greenhill v. Dallas Christian (25-24)


- Varsity letter for football. 7-4 on the season.


9 - Hockaday Christmas Ball. Carolyn DeWitt

25 - Xmas