Spring Semester at SMU. Courses taken (Grade):
Advanced Individual Research in Psychology (Pass)

11 - "Cal had stroke!"


2 - "Cal moved to Swiss Avenue"

28 - "Nancy started at Workout again"


17 - "Cal came home"

19 - Twenty-two years old.




9 - Postcard from David Grimes, sent to Princess, referencing his and Staci's move to Santa Barbara.

19 - Watched "The Birdman of Alcatraz". Very taken. One of the revelations I came to while watching it was that I must direct myself more singularly. I have been neglecting school work for other readings and such. The Birdman, Robert Stroud, found singular purpose through the boredom of his confinement. [It was only years later that I discoverd the entire story to be a typical Hollywood fiction.]

25 - Mon - Postcard from my mother from Canterbury Cathedral:

Hi Scot - We rented a car & drove to Canterbury today. Beautiful - huge cathedral. The countryside & small towns are lovely. You would have enjoyed it. We stopped & went thru Leeds Castle - a first for all of us - It was completely surrounded by water. We're going to Stabe-on-Trent tommorrow. Love, Mom
26 - Postcard from my sister from Leeds Castle:

Dear Scot, Greetings from England! We visited this castle today. How would you like to have a nice quiet little place like this? The castle is huge adn gorgeous inside. Today we also went to Canterbury Cathedral! I loved it! England has quaint towns & beautiful countryside - you'd like it. Wish you were here - We miss you! Love, Shannon

27 - Wed - Postcard of a British Train from my mother in England (sent to Princess):

"Dear Scot, The trains we have taken are something else. Can you imagine us trying to get on & off in a few moments with all our luggage - they travel very fast and are an excellent way to go everywhere. Thinking of you often."
28 - Thu - Postcard of Lake Windermere in Northern England from my mother:

"Dear Scot, Windermere is just beautiful - the best place we have been so far - This is a lovely part of Northern England - Our hotel overlooks this view on the front. Small shops with cobblestone streets - old churches with graves & iron gates - scenery is breathtaking."
30 - Sat - Postcard from my mother in Scotland, Princes Street Gardens:

Dear Scot - We toured this castle today - Edinburg is an interesting city. We are going out into the countryside tomorrow. Leave for York - Monday. Love, Mom. P.S. Going to a Scottish Feast for dinner Sunday.

2 - Postcard from my mother from Edinburgh:

Greetings from the land of the Loch Ness Monster! We are leaving Scotland and are now on a train to York. We went to a festival last night and listened to this bagpiper on the front of the card. Shan & I are looking out the window at the North Sea. Miss you. Love, Mom & Shan
5 - Postcard from my mother from Paris, The Louvre and its gardens (sent to Princess):

Dear Scot - I wish you could see this city - absolutely unbelievable - We went to Le Louvre today & had lunch on the Left Bank. You would love every place we have seen. Going to Versailles tomm. & having dinner on the Seine River tonight. Love, Mom

Writing to Michel, Tom's girlfriend


11 - "Scot put steel wool in bar"

- Two-a-days. Coaching football at Greenhill




6 - Letter to Lisa Bruner apologizing for hurting her. Looking forward to the ski trip [Staci and David?]. 
7 - Letter to Tom Ellis questioning his rejections of the past.
- End of Football Season

14 - "Scot left"

22 - 'Scot at S.F."

- Thanksgiving in Dallas


6 - "Scot home"

25 - Xmas