???Working at Bookstop Lincoln Village again???
6 - Fri - Apartment in Austin - Reading Literary Outlaw, a Burroughs Biography.
- starting back at UT. Pilar starting at ACC. Reconnected with Leta Mackey.

- Pilar taking Composition I, TX & Local Gov, US History I, Intro to Phil at ACC. She drops out midway.
Sometime around here published "St. John's Dog" in "Life Times: A Forum for a New Age" #5
26 - Thu - Reading Factotum by Bukowski. 



19 - Twenty-seven years old.


6 - Wed - Coming down off of LSD. 
11 - Pilar's 19th birthday.
15 - Note of apology from Leta Mackey to Pilar

19 - Letter (sent to Princess) from a guy Pilar and I met out at Hippy Hollow on Lake Travis, enclosed were several nude photos he took of Pilar and I.
- Pilar working at Good Eats #2 North. 


6 - Postcard: My heart is breaking
16 - Receipt from Westlake Vision Center for an eye exam and contacts for Pilar. 
- Pilar working at Good Eats #2 North. 


8 - Postcard from my mother from England, picturing Warwick Castle:

Scot & Pilar - I went to this castle today - one of the best I have ever seen. London was fun - and I really enjoyed M. Butterfly. We leave for Holland Friday. Love, Mom
14 - Postcard from my mother while she was in Belgium. ???

14 - Postcard from Belgium, picturing the Town Hall, from my mother (sent to 102 B East 52nd):

Brugge was beautiful. We are having more fun. This has been a fabulous vacation. I love sitting at the sidewalk cafes drinking beer & people watching. We went to a party last night and had a blast. Hope to go to Brussells tomorrow. Love, Mom.
- Pilar working at Good Eats #2 North. 


- Pilar working at Good Eats #2 North. 
15 - Thank you note from my mother referencing her 50th birthday, that Pilar made her a cheesecake, spending time with them, and our new kitty.


- Pilar working at Good Eats #2 North. 
- Taking classes again at UT


- Pilar working at Good Eats #2 North. 
Fall Semester at UT. Courses taken (Grade):
Intro to Literature: Film and Lit 
1st Year French
US History Since 1865 


14 - Transcript Report.

19 - Exam for E329K, Heinzelman. Grade A-.

7 - 11 - Program for the play "Reckless" at UT. Went with Pilar.
10 - Receipt of the loan transfer of Pilar's graduation gift car, a new Toyota, from her parents to her. 
13 - Receipt for an ad in the Austin American Statesman. $37.35. For the car?


11 - Receipt for a pregnancy test for Pilar. Negative.
25 - Xmas

31 - Program from Esther's Follies. Went with Pilar's parents.